A Judge Selected By Biden is Under Criticism

Law enforcement groups and Senate Republicans are working together to oppose President Biden’s choice of a Muslim ACLU lawyer for the U.S. District Court.

This pick said cops kill unarmed black men “every day.”

Secrets confirmed both the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Police Legal Defense Fund are opposed to Nusrat Choudhury’s nomination to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

“The candidate’s beliefs and remarks have no place in our justice system,” said National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director and Chairman Jonathan F. Thompson.

“She has publicly and maliciously assaulted every deputy and officer.” To incite anger and outrage, Thompson said, her acts were similar to yelling ‘fire’ at a theater.

No sensible person would deem her worthy of a lifelong federal judgeship. Her opinions are based on hatred towards law enforcement and are unfounded.

In his opinion, the nominee’s words disqualify her from a permanent assignment to the federal bench because they show her intent to promote misleading, provocative speech to sway public policy.

This is not appropriate for a lawyer and disqualifies a judge.

Both Urged Senators To Reject Her

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, pressed Choudhury. She would be the court’s first Muslim and Bangladeshi, sources say.

The Senate Judiciary Committee probed Choudhury about her anti-police remarks in late April. Her claims that cops kill black men every day were “rhetorical advocacy” for one of her clients.

That’s because Choudhury embodies the Biden administration’s anti-police plan, according to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

To help police officers in Louisville and abroad, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell called for increased funding and support for police departments.

“Too many Democrats seem determined to do the opposite. To defund the cops has become a political mantra at all levels.”

“Politicians sworn to safeguard and protect the Constitution have instead chosen to increase suspicion of the people who enforce our laws,” he continued.

In His Remarks, He Cited Choudhury As Exhibit

The Judiciary Committee only last week considered a candidate for the [district] court with a record of open antagonism against law enforcement.

Nusrat Choudhury said police killing unarmed black males was a daily occurrence.

McConnell said when her Louisiana colleague, a junior senator, asked her about it, Choudhury tried to say that she was talking for a client.

Unsurprisingly, he added, that explanation hasn’t done anything to soothe American law enforcement’s fears.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association, the National Sheriffs Association, and the Fraternal Order of Police have all strongly objected, urging President Biden to ‘take a stance against this deadly and ridiculously divisive speech.’

McConnell continued by adding the president and his staff must do far more to demonstrate to the men and women in uniform of police departments that they are on their side.