Activision Blizzard Promotes Social Justice Following Workplace Toxicity Charges

The video game company, Activision Blizzard, recently came under fire for sexual harassment.

The company has now opted to combat the backlash by adopting social justice and recruitment quotas.

Chief of Diversification

The video game firm hired a new chief diversification, equity, and inclusion director, whose duty will be to cater to left-wing media and attempt to wipe the taint of the sexual harassment cases brought against it.

This includes a new one filed only last month, from the company’s record.

Women and “nonbinary” employees, according to Kristen Hines (who will be taking on the new post as head of the company’s diversity bureaucracy) will be increased in number by 50 percent.

In a statement, CEO Bobby Kotick commented the business’s “ambitious aspirations” include being “the most welcoming and inclusive workplace in the gaming industry.”

A statement from Hines said the firm will now focus on creating an environment “that promotes openness, equality, and inclusiveness.”

In other words, please refrain from spreading false information. We’ve gotten our bearings.

Additionally, under Hines’ leadership, the business will work to ensure that “diverse and inclusive viewpoints are included in game design across all aspects of the game,” such as stories, character development, gameplay, and community involvement.

The true secret ingredient in a good video game, as everyone knows, is social justice and equality for all.

Perhaps the next Call of Duty game will require players to study critical race theory in the same way that the United States military does.

Fines and Conformity

The corporation reached a deal with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last month, agreeing to pay $18 million to resolve charges of sexual harassment and discrimination.

The state of California also filed a lawsuit against the Santa Monica-based corporation.

In contrast, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has been accused by the assistant general counsel of the California Agency of Fair Employment and Housing of meddling in the case.

In recent years, social justice has emerged as a haven for huge corporations in the United States seeking to avoid embarrassment or garner some sympathy from our liberal society or liberal heritage media outlets.

This is particularly true in the entertainment business, where Activision Blizzard attempted to appease racially obsessed liberals by adhering to their every whim.

In light of the charges of sexual harassment and discrimination, the corporation is now under pressure to appease feminists and anyone else concerned with virtue signaling on behalf of nonbinary individuals.

The question is whether or not the game’s participants will mind halting the action to double-check their pronouns. More importantly, how far and how much will the entire gaming industry be pushed to comply?

Besides, hiring based on sexual orientation and beliefs does not do anything for the product itself; one could even argue that in the long run, the quality of services might dip.