Air India Impedes US Flights Over 5G Problem, Four Flights Canceled

Following the suspension of operations by numerous foreign airlines to the United States, due to the rollout of 5G services in the country, Air India on Wednesday postponed four of its planned flights to the United States.

Air India has announced the halting of takeoffs and landings between Delhi International Airport and San Francisco, Chicago, and John F. Kennedy International Airports, effective immediately.

In addition, flights from Mumbai to Newark will be suspended. The airline shall continue to travel to and from the Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

The Flights Canceled

Air India said that due to the rollout of 5G technologies in the United States, its flights to the United States from India would be reduced or changed, with a modification in aircraft type, starting on January 19, 2022.

On another note, an update in this respect will be sent as soon as possible.

Another statement from Air India notified customers that due to the rollout of 5G communications in the United States, the airline would be unable to operate the following flights on January 19th: AI173/174 DEL/SFO/DEL, AI101/102 DEL/JFK/DEL, AI191/144 BOM/EWR/BOM, and AI127/126 DEL/ORD/DEL.

Following inquiries from customers on the trips mentioned above, Air India confirmed that all reservations for scheduled flights had been verified.

However, if the airline changes the schedule, customers will be contacted as soon as possible. Also, all customers should please remain on the lookout for additional information.

Furthermore, international airlines such as Emirates, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, and seven others have called on US authorities to intervene immediately to fix the situation.

This needs to be done as soon as possible in order to maintain seamless flight operations.

Disruption between the upcoming 5G cell phone service and essential aviation systems, according to the airlines, might represent a threat to passenger welfare.

Temporarily Restricting 5G Services

According to sources, following a protest filed by international airlines, the US telecommunications giants have now decided to temporarily restrict 5G services in the vicinity of several airports.

In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration is concerned about the installation of 5G cellular antennae near some airports.

It might cause some systems in planes, such as radar altimeters, to fail. Radar altimeters are utilized throughout a flight and are classified as important equipment.

Furthermore, the FAA commented on the matter, which may be seen on their website. US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg noted the United States recognizes the economic necessity of extending 5G.

The government appreciates the cellular carriers’ cooperation in protecting the flying population and the nation’s supply chain.

Because of the strict requirements for aviation in the United States, the country’s complicated airspace is the safest globally, and the country will retain this commitment while cellular businesses install 5G.