All States Are Now Border States Because of Biden

If you fly into Brownsville, Texas, you’ll notice a long line of people with red bags and paperwork.

The TSA waived them through with their plane tickets to various US destinations.

The paperwork says “Order of Release on Own Recognizance.” Every state is now a border state under Joe Biden. Every town now has a border. 

Our Great Nation

The majority of those in these lines, and over two million others caught attempting to cross our border unlawfully, are decent folks seeking a better life in America.

Regardless of what many on the Left might have you believe, individuals worldwide attempt risky voyages to come here.

Nowhere else in the world offers more liberty and a chance to improve one’s situation than America.

We should be proud that our nation is a land of immigrants and that we lawfully welcome more people than any other nation. 

As a sovereign country, our government must also enforce our boundaries and know who and what is entering our country. Under Biden, many people and drugs enter the country illegally.

Customs and Border Protection confirmed a Terrorist Watch List. We have no idea how so many others may have traversed undetected.

That is why effective control of our borders is vital. We need a solid immigration system to vet individuals, especially asylum seekers, thoroughly. 

Title 42 gives the state the “authority to ban, in whole or in portion, the emergence of people and property to stop the spread of contagious diseases in the United States.”

While the Biden administration declared it will end Title 42 regulations at the border in a few weeks, the current 8,000 illegal migrants per month will increase to 18,000 once Title 42 is revoked.

This will further overwhelm our border agents and border neighborhoods. 

Playing Politics

While Biden and House Democrats repeal this public health and safety tool, they demand a supplemental $10 billion in “pandemic relief.”

In the name of COVID-19 preventative measures, they require Americans to wear masks on planes and trains and enable proxy voting in the House.

Citizens of the United States appear to be treated differently than illegal immigrants. The hypocrisy of D.C. Democrats is once again exposed. 

Sadly, as we’ve seen time and time again, Democrats are willing to put politics before scientific knowledge and good governance. By eliminating Title 42, Democrats encourage people to cross our border in the months ahead.

Many of them will survive the arduous journey, but some will not.

In short, the Biden presidency and the innovative Democrat Party are known for their disjointed, irrational policies.

For example, they defund the police to increase safety and shut down domestic power generation while begging dictators to sell us more oil.

Democrats open our borders while trying to extend pandemic emergency powers, and so on. 

These policies reflect a profound contempt for our nation and a desire to alter our primary institutions fundamentally.

They want big government, open borders, censored speech, high taxes, and generational dependency. 

The border chaos is just the most recent example of a president and party gone awry.