America Will Destroy Russia’s Navy if Putin Strikes Ukraine with Single Nuke

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The United States is going to evaporate the Russian military in the Black Sea if Putin so much as dares to deploy even a single nuclear warhead against Ukraine, according to Gen. Ben Hodges.

Hodges is a former supreme commander of the NATO forces in Europe who reacted after the Moscow dictator announced full mobilization and threatened to use nukes against the free world.

Putin’s Desperation Leads to Mobilization, Nuclear Threats

In a pre-recorded televised address aired on Wednesday morning, Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant announced the start of the mobilization. Putin threatened to use “weapons of destruction” against the United States and its western allies.

The address caused Russian military-age men to rush to flee the country.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was supposed to be a “special military operation” for several days, but it has gone terribly awry for the Russians from the very beginning.

This is because of the ferocious, highly efficient resistance of the Ukrainians, gradually aided more and more by supplies of far superior US and other western weapons system.

The Russian regime has been struggling to recruit volunteers – resorting even to prisoners and mental patients – in order to fill up its cannon fodder units in Ukraine.

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America’s Response Will Be ‘Devastating’ for Russia

Even though Putin declared he is going to use nukes and he is “not bluffing,” Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, a retired officer from the US Army, reacted by stating the likelihood of the Moscow tyrant following through on those threats is low.

Hodges speculated what the US response would be if Russia detonates even a single nuclear weapon against Ukraine – and it is going to be “devastating.”

The former NATO commander said, as cited by The Daily Mail, in such a scenario, America’s response does not necessarily need to be nuclear; although that option is certainly on the table.

Instead, the US military could carry out a horrifyingly powerful strike that would destroy the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy and/or its bases in Crimea.

Gen. Hodges forecast any usage of weapons of mass destruction by the Russians would bring about a “severe and swift” response by the US government.

He emphasized Putin is well aware America would be obliged to response if nukes are used in any form; that would mean drawing the United States into the conflict directly.

Because of that, Hodges believes the Russian dictator and his inner circle would be unwilling to resort to nuclear weapons. There have been speculations by Ukrainian and western military analysts that the United States is monitoring all of Russia’s nuclear storage sites.

Thus, the moment any nuclear warhead gets moved in order to be prepared for deployment, the US, possibly together with the UK, could carried out a preemptive conventional or small-scale nuclear strike.

This would happen on the respective facility in Russia as a warning to the Putin regime that nukes are off limits.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.