Americans Don’t Believe Biden Will Finish His Term

Not only is President Joe Biden’s support rating plummeting, but many Americans believe the 79-year-old will not serve out his whole term.

According to a new poll, Biden has been in office for slightly more than 14 months, yet one in five believes he will not survive the next 33 months. 


“After record inflation and gas price increases, catastrophic COVID lockdowns, a surge in undocumented immigrants, and a botched exit from Afghanistan, a considerable number of Americans now believe Biden will not serve another 2.5 years in the White House, per the latest I & I/TIPP Poll,” Issues & Insights reported. 

People were asked: “How conceivable is it, in your thought, that Biden will serve out his first term in office?”

It is likely, according to a large majority (71 percent). However, 21% believe he will not complete his term. 

Issues Insights observed that “an examination of the data reveals little solace for Biden’s pollsters and political aides.”

Only 45% of respondents believed it was ‘very probable’ that Biden would survive.

25% felt it was ‘somewhat likely,’ which is hardly a vote of confidence in Biden’s presidential prospects. Another 8% stated that they are ‘unsure.’

The new poll comes just days after many Senate colleagues expressed doubts about Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) fitness for office. 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

“When a California Democrat in Congress had a lengthy talk with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they braced themselves for a tough policy discussion, like those they had with her numerous times over the last 15 years,” the San Francisco Chronicle said.

Rather than that, the lawmaker said they had to re-introduce themselves to Feinstein several times during the hour-long interaction.

Rather than delving into policy, Feinstein, 88, parroted the same small-talk questions, such as asking the member of Congress what was important to voters in their district, the congressperson said.

This came with no apparent recognition that the two already had a similar discussion.

Naturally, legislators do not wish to retire and fade away. They’ve spent their lives in the spotlight, and their greatest fear is disappearing.

Additionally, when members of Congress die in office, they are frequently laid in the United States Capitol, a high honor. 

However, there is a growing fear that Feinstein’s health is “rapidly deteriorating.” 

Four United States senators, three of whom are Democrats, three senior Feinstein staffers, and the California Democratic congressperson, recently informed The Chronicle her memory is quickly fading.

They stated it appears as though she is unable to do her job responsibilities without her team performing a significant portion of the work needed to serve California’s almost 40 million residents.

“It’s a hard subject,” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said in response to the Feinstein queries.

“If you begin interrogating Dianne Feinstein, the American president will start receiving the same attention, which is something the party does not want to deal with.”