Americans Losing Trust in Biden on Coronavirus

It is not news that the Joe Biden administration has been plagued with inefficiencies and lapses. In addition to his standing issues, there is another matter which most Americans no longer trust Joe Biden on.

In a new poll released by Axios and Ipsos on Tuesday morning, over 53 percent of Americans have said they have little to no trust in Joe Biden’s capacity to make accurate information about the coronavirus available.

Axios reports that Biden faces mistrust from most Americans for the first time in his presidency over the coronavirus. In its words, “Fewer than half now say they trust the president, a 13-percentage point decline from his high-water mark right after his inauguration in January.”

What Ipsos did was break down the percentages by parties. Ipsos revealed that in comparison, the Democrats’ trust in Biden when it comes to the Wuhan virus reduced a little more than the trust the Republicans have. However, the independents’ confidence in Biden about Covid declined the most.

For context, Biden has lost the trust of Democrats by 11 points in comparison to what it was in January. On the other hand, he has seen a 10 point decline amongst Republicans. With independents, Biden saw a 17-point reduction to bring the trust percentage to 42%.

Biden Failing as Usual?

With most Americans now losing trust in Biden over the coronavirus, we are left to wonder what he is really good at as he had his overall job approval fall by 24 points among independents.

Besides, Americans are not just losing trust in Joe Biden alone. In general, the federal government also saw its trust decline to less than 49% compared to the 54% trust two weeks ago.

Fear Index of The Wuhan Virus Decreasing Among Americans

Yes, coronavirus is dangerous. However, fear-mongering itself does a lot of harm to people. Axios and Ipsos report that fewer Americans see going out as posing a big risk to their health compared to last month. Yet, the change in mentality hasn’t changed the behaviors of Americans significantly.

Two weeks ago, 18% of people believed that attending a gathering with family and friends put their health at great risk. 17% of Americans also believe that dining at a restaurant poses a significant risk to their health. However, the numbers have now reduced as only 13% and 12% believe this respectively.

Last year, 25% of Americans believed hosting ‘trick or treat’ in their communities would put their health at significant risk. However, the numbers have now reduced significantly to 13% this year.

Furthermore, about 27% of Americans think taking a trip on an airplane or mass transit puts their health at great risk. It was 35% just two weeks ago.

However, there has been no significant change in behavior among Americans in the last few weeks with all these.

What are your thoughts on the Axios and Ipsos polls? Have you also lost trust in Joe Biden when it comes to the Wuhan virus? Care to share your thoughts on this?