Americans Want Justice Regarding the Misinformation and Investigation Against Trump Based on Russian Hoax

Back in July 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee disclosed documents in relation to the Trump-Russia hoax.

Then, the subsequent documents disproved the absurd New York Times report that the Trump campaign “repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials.”

The declassified documents demonstrate that the New York Times’ early reporting was false and intended to advance the Russiagate narrative.

Hillary’s Campaign

The country then learned the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was a fabrication in May 2022, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. During the Sussman trial, her former campaign coordinator Robbie Mook testified under oath to this fact.

The entire narrative of Trump-Russia collusion was false. The media and Democrats knew it was a lie. We now understand the Hillary Clinton campaign was responsible for the entire narrative.

Democrats utilized this in their attempted coup against the incumbent president. In their coup attempt, they arrested and bankrupted innocent individuals.

Trump allegedly set up a secret server at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to communicate privately with Alfa Bank, a Russian bank with ties to Putin, according to a now-debunked report from the extreme left-wing publication Slate.

The FBI started looking into the Trump Organization’s “back-channel” with the Russian-owned institution after Michael Sussmann, an attorney for Hillary Clinton, rushed to the FBI and presented data files to substantiate the allegations.

Everything was a lie. Hillary conceived the lie and later propagated it.

The Latest Poll

According to Just the News, Special Counsel John Durham published his final report concluding the FBI lacked verified intelligence when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane probe into Trump in 2016.

The entire narrative was a monumental fraud committed on the American public by the FBI, DOJ, liberal press, and the Democrat Party to oust former President Trump from office.

Americans are aware of this enormous government scam, despite the regime media’s efforts to conceal them, according to the most recent Durham Report.

63% of respondents believe the Trump-Russia hoax was a political hit on Trump. The majority of voters desire that the FBI’s misconduct be punished.