America’s Teens Have a Serious Crisis

A new study from the University of Georgia has very disturbing news about a new epidemic affecting American teens.

The study points out 75% of American adolescents are sedentary and barely get any exercise. The majority are female.

Considering that 33% of American teenagers are obese, the fact that three-quarters of them are not getting exercise is highly alarming and something we must address.

Here’s more of what the study said…

Study Tells the Ugly Truth

An important fact the authors of the research highlight is the means of transportation used by the students. The best option would be to walk or bike along more extended paths to use more calories.

Students should also be getting a lot more exercise at school. It is not new to anyone the important role of schools in the lives of adolescents.

Schools should be concerned about establishing an environment in which they motivate even more physical activities and a much more nutritious and healthy diet.

In a statement from the university, Janani R.  Thapa, associate professor of health policy and management at the UGA School of Public Health, said schools need to help get students more fit.

In order to stimulate physical activity, policies and programs were created to encourage the practice of physical exercises for adolescents. Recently, all K-12 schools in the state of Georgia adopted this type of program.

Thapa, who is also an evaluator of this type of program, said the number of Georgia teens who do not regularly get physical activity is high, being more common among high school and elementary school students and mostly adolescent girls.

The Problem of Bullying

One of the worst problems suspicions raised by the university’s study is the surprising connection between sports participation and bullying.

The survey surveyed more than 360,000 high school students from the state of Georgia. The research data cover information about adolescents’ physical exercise habits and the school climate in general.

In addition to noting physical activity was higher among boys than adolescent girls, another factor that caught the attention of researchers is bullying.

Adolescent girls who reported being bullied became more physically active, while male adolescents already felt uncomfortable and less stimulated to practice exercise.

According to Thapa, adolescent girls who excel in sports and physical activities may have difficulty complying with stereotypical female gender norms, and suffer bullying for it.

The Bottom Line

Two-thirds of America’s teens being mostly sedentary is very worrisome. Our schools need to do a lot more to focus on physical education, sports, and the well-being of students.

Sitting around has never been good for anyone and leads to all sorts of mental and physical illnesses.

Let’s start getting fit again and helping teens lead happier and healthier lives!


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