Anti-Death Penalty Paralegal Marries Oklahoma Death Row Prisoner

Former Oklahoma death row convict Richard Glossip has been married for the second time since entering jail, this time to a supporter of life without the death sentence.

Lea Rodger, a 32-year-old paralegal, has spent years of her professional life advocating for the abolition of the death penalty.

It was through this work that she formed a relationship with Glossip, 59, who was condemned to death in 1997 for orchestrating the murder of Barry Van Treese, according to the Associated Press.

His Execution

Glossip is now serving his sentence at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, and his execution has been postponed three times.

Recently, Oklahoma got the incorrect medication for a lethal injection, prompting former Governor Mary Fallin to postpone Glossip’s execution at the last minute.

Glossip had been scheduled to be executed in 2015.

Glossip and Rodger, according to the source, began corresponding when she included him on a list of convicts to whom she sent Christmas cards every year.

Beginning with that, they started communicating with one another.

“We had that instant ease with one another like we’d known each other our entire lives,” she explained.

Glossip, whose story has attracted international notice, was engaged in 2018 and divorced in 2021, according to her public records.

According to the publication, Rodger decided not to waste any time getting married to Glossip because he was concerned a fourth execution attempt would be imminent.

Oklahoma resumed executions in October, ending a six-year halt imposed following a series of botched lethal injections.

Insisting He is Innocent

According to publications, Rodger said, “this isn’t about attracting attention. I’m a private person.”

“It’s only that the conditions in which we find ourselves are unique. I feel that the focus should be on his innocence rather than guilt. He has already wasted 25 years of his life.”

Glossip has stuck to his guns, claiming he was wrongly convicted of the charges against him. He also attempted to have his sentence overturned multiple times, but has been unsuccessful.

According to the site, prosecutors in the case claim that Justin Sneed stole and assaulted Van Treese, the owner of a hotel where Glossip worked. This was after he was promised $10,000 by Glossip.

Sneed is currently receiving a life sentence without the possibility of release for his involvement in the death.

According to KFOR, five Republican congressmen in Oklahoma said in February a legal company located in Houston would dive into Glossip’s case for reinvestigation; the firm has now been retained.

Aside from that, Glossip is the main plaintiff in a federal case in which he claims the state’s lethal injection procedure violates the Constitution. Will Justin Sneed be able to get away from death row? It is too soon to say, but we wish him a happy married life.