Andrew Schulz Refuses to Bow Down to Woke Culture

"Microphone" by Ernest Duffoo

Earlier this week, popular stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz took a stand against cancel culture and the leftist snowflakes who tried to censor his latest comedy special.

Namely, Schulz decided that he’s “going rogue.” He put together his entire savings in order to buy back the source material from the streaming company which has yet to be named, announcing he’ll release the special himself.

“Stand Up (Comedy Improv) – 2012” by Dean Johnson

Comedy transcends wokeism

After declaring this bold act of independence, Schulz took to his Twitter account to criticize the streaming service for trying to censor him over a couple of controversial jokes.

Some of them included characters such as Ted Bundy, Michael Jackson, and even focused on the topic of abortion.

Schulz then assured his massive following that once he’s acquired the materials, he’s going to release them completely unedited.

This will allow everyone to enjoy proper comedy without some streaming conglomerate worrying about the Twitter backlash that may come.

According to some sources, the streaming platform in question is Amazon; although this has yet to be confirmed by Schulz or any of his associates. It’s still nothing more than hearsay.

After the initial tweet, the comedian urged his followers to spread the word about his upcoming special. His entire career now hinges on its success, due to him gambling his entire life savings to save some controversial material.

A revolution in modern comedy

In a series of tweets that followed, Schulz explains controversy is exactly what people are looking for in comedy nowadays.

It feels authentic, compared to all the other watered-down stuff that streaming platform corporates clear for release.

However, the left-leaning crowd never responds well to this, as we’ve seen dozens of times with Dave Chapelle’s specials.

This applies to all the other content creators who aren’t afraid to tell things as they are, while also finding a comedic note in the chaos we live in. Schulz’s actions may pioneer a wave of anti-woke media to push through the left’s iron curtain.

According to several reports, Schulz spent over $1 million to get his special back. Though a couple of days after, the comedian assured Twitter the real amount he paid is much greater, closer to the tens of millions mark.

Despite his beef with the streaming service, Schulz still never said their name. This does show he’s still got more honor than sending a couple of million Twitter users to witch-hunt a company on their social media profiles.

The special is set to release on his website

Given the record number of pre-sales he’s already raked in, it’s safe to say he’ll be making his money back in no time, possibly even more than he’d make through the streaming contract.