AOC Reveals Personal Method of Birth Control

Progressive Congresswoman AOC revealed her personal method of birth control while trying to promote misinformation about abortion laws in red states.

According to AOC, she uses Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) for birth control, which can end up in ectopic pregnancies sometimes. However, AOC continued, Republican-led states do not allow the ending of ectopic pregnancies if the mother’s life is not in danger.

AOC Reveals Personal Information to Promote Conspiracy Theories

During a House Oversight Committee hearing about abortion, AOC stated Republicans are taking the abortion conversation to an uncomfortable level, which also urged her to talk about her own method of birth control.

After that, the progressive congresswoman asked Planned Parenthood doctor Bhavik Kumar, who was testifying in front of Congress, what would happen in red states when IUDs fail to stop ectopic pregnancies.

AOC noted most red states only allow abortion when women’s lives are in danger. Likewise, the congresswoman asked Kumar whether red states allow aborting ectopic pregnancies if the mother’s life is not in danger.

However, Kumar rebutted AOC, claiming no state outlaws the care for ectopic pregnancies. 

Ectopic pregnancies became a major concern of pro-abortion advocates, who falsely launched different campaigns, claiming the treatments of these pregnancies are also banned in different red states in the aftermath of the Roe v Wade verdict.

Some far-left watchdogs also claimed women living in red states could not abort ectopic pregnancies until they are about to die.

Whereas Kumar busted AOC’s narrative, adding some confused doctors have also made the situation difficult concerning the treatment of ectopic pregnancies.

As laws are always made by politicians, sometimes these laws are not understandable at all. Physicians are unable to comprehend what is written in laws, which is making the situation difficult, Kumar added.

For instance, Kumar continued, one woman in Texas had to travel out of her state to treat ectopic pregnancy, not because this treatment is banned in Texas, but due to the inability of doctors to understand the laws.

Dr. Kumar Made Partisan Remarks in Front of Congress

Further in the hearing, Dr. Kumar made controversial and progressive remarks about the possibility of biological men getting pregnant.

While replying to a question from Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde, Kumar stated men, especially trans men who have a uterus, can get pregnant.

This is not the first time a pro-abortion advocate is making controversial remarks about men’s “pregnancies” in front of Congress.

Kumar is a progressive doctor from Planned Parenthood who was appearing in front of Congress after Democrats called him to discuss the consequences of rising abortion restrictions in the United States.

Clyde responded that no man could get pregnant, irrespective of his self-perceived gender. In addition, Clyde slammed Democrats for calling a trans care doctor for abortion-related questions who would obviously answer all the questions based on his political ideology.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.