Bail Denied to Mississippi Man Who Threatened to Assault a Republican Senator

The FBI reports that a federal magistrate denied bail for a Mississippi man who promised to kill U.S. Senator Roger Wicker on April 26. William Carl Sappington, 58, has been accused of threatening to harm or murder an official of the United States.

Reports of Court Orders

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reported, during a preliminary hearing on Wednesday in the US courts for the Northern District of Mississippi, that Magistrate Judge Roy Percy instructed Sappington to be detained ahead of the case being brought to the grand jury.

Percy stated that Sappington has a history of violent felonies and misdemeanors, as well as violating the terms of his release. At the time of his latest offense, he was on parole for a larceny conviction.

Based on the testimony of FBI special agent Jason Nixon, on April 26, Sappington visited the home of George Wicker, who is a cousin to the senator, in Hickory Flat.

Nixon stated that Sappington allegedly stated he intended to murder Roger Wicker, due to Wicker’s involvement in a 2014 incident involving Sappington and law enforcement.

Prior Arrest

Sappington was apprehended in February 2014 for the severe assault of his sibling.

He was also mauled by a police dog while trying to flee. The Daily Journal reported that authorities moved him to a trauma center facility in Memphis, Tennessee. This was done for the treatment of injuries he sustained during his arrest.

FBI special agent Matthew Shanahan stated in an affidavit that he protested being taken across state borders without a hearing and felt he was kidnapped.

Sappington was released from prison in Nov for stealing more than $10,000 worth of property. According to the publication, he could not retain a lawyer to represent him in court regarding his objections about the circumstances of his 2014 arrest.

Since 2007, Republican Wicker, his potential victim, has represented Mississippi in the United States Senate.