Bail Reform Advocate Wanted For Attempted Murder

A career criminal who received favorable treatment from bail reform advocates is once again wanted for attempted murder in New York City. 

Pedro Hernandez, 22, has been arrested at least five times since he was released with the money of a pro-bail human rights organization.

Bail Reform Advocates Helped a Career Criminal 

Reportedly, Hernandez lost a gold chain in a card game on August 28, but he refused to accept his defeat. Then, he opened fire on a parked car of the winners of the game. 

Hernandez asked the winners to return him the gold items, but they refused and drove their car away. Afterward, Hernandez jumped into his BMW and chased the other car, which went to the parking lot of the Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue, NYC.

Some eyewitnesses also recalled men who came out of the windows of both cars and shot at each other during the chase. The blind bullets were highly expected to kill any pedestrian.


Later on, Hernandez continued his chase on foot, which prompted one man to drop Hernandez’s cash and jewelry while running.

So, Hernandez collected the dropped items and fled away. The New York Police Department arrested the two men who were at the receiving end of the incident and is now finding Hernandez after getting his arrest warrant.

Justice Melissa Lewis of Manhattan Criminal Court issued the warrant for Hernandez’s arrest and ordered law enforcement agencies to bring the criminal in as early as possible.

Lewis also noted the defendant would not come to the court willingly; so the police must act fast to arrest him.

Hernandez Wanted For Multiple Crimes Right Now

This is not the first time Hernandez has been involved in a crime.

He is also sought in three open gun cases of 2019, not to mention he has been previously arrested 15 times. For instance, he was once arrested in 2015 in a Bronx bodega shooting.

Hernandez was then offered a plea deal, which he did not accept, claiming he was innocent. The refusal to take the plea deal pushed Hernandez into Rikers Island jail for one year.

After this, he ended up becoming the cause célèbre of far-left bail-reform advocates when his case made headlines in the mainstream media.

Initially, a court set a bail of $250,000 to release Hernandez, but the amount was reduced to $100,000 later on. Eventually, the John F. Kennedy Human Rights charity paid the bail amount to release Hernandez.

As the victim was unable to identify the shooter and a key eyewitness refused to cooperate, the Bronx district attorney dismissed the case against Hernandez.

Since being released from Rikers Island in 2017, Hernandez was arrested four times for driving with a suspended license and one time for physically attacking a person during an armed robbery.

In the robbery case, Hernandez is released on a $15,000 bond, while the case against him is still pending. Meanwhile, Hernandez asserted the NYPD is specifically targeting him; so he already launched a lawsuit against NYC.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.