Ben Savage Announces Congressional Candidacy

Ben Savage, a former child star and a recent graduate from Stanford University, recently declared his run for Congress in California’s 30th Congressional District in 2024.

He intends to do so to replace Representative Adam Schiff, who has announced his intention to run for the Senate.


In a message he published on Instagram on Monday, Savage emphasized his dedication to equality, service, and fighting for what is morally right.

In January, he submitted the necessary papers to run for election as a Democrat.  He will also be joining other Democrats who are already running, such as Laura Friedman, Mike Feuer, and Maebe A. Girl.

Savage underlined the need to have fresh leaders who are driven by a strong sense of purpose to carry the country forward, unencumbered by political schisms and special interests.

He hopes to restore people’s trust in the government by proposing solutions that are creative, logical, and compassionate to the critical problems facing the nation.

A wide variety of cities may be found within California’s 30th Congressional District, which runs from West Hollywood all the way to Pasadena.

Because of his history as a union member, proud native of the state of California, and longstanding resident of the area, Savage possesses a unique awareness of the challenges that are faced by the local community.


Savage is hardly a novice when it comes to politics. The year before, he bid for one of the seats on the City Council of West Hollywood, but he was ultimately unsuccessful.

In spite of this, he earned a degree in political science from Stanford University. He has a strong commitment to helping others, all of which will surely be assets to him when he begins his campaign for Congress.

The choice that Savage has made to run for Congress comes at a time when a lot of people in the United States are fed up with politics and the government.

The COVID-19 epidemic brought to light the necessity for effective leadership; voters may find that Savage’s emphasis on imaginative and humane solutions resonates with them.

The enthusiasm and interest level of the campaign will surely increase as a result of Savage’s decision to run for office.

It seems unavoidable that he will be a well-liked candidate. That’s given his history as a child star in the famous comedy “Boy Meets World” and the fact his family has a long tradition of serving their nation and their society.

On the other hand, Savage will have to contend with fierce competition from the other Democratic contenders in the primary.

Mike Feuer, a former Los Angeles city attorney, and Laura Friedman, a member of the California Assembly, have both announced their candidacies for this position.

Maebe A. Girl, a drag queen also running for Congress, expressed her desire to make history by becoming the country’s first transgender or “non-binary” representative.