Biden Act Will Help Educators Promote Transgenderism

The Biden presidency will offer a new reading of Title IX that accommodates transgender ideology. “Gender identity” will be included in the new Title IX rule.

This is not only against what Congress intended, but also harmful to kids and parental rights. 

Title IX Rule

The Biden presidency’s new Title IX rule will force schools to confuse emotionally troubled children into believing they can alter their sex.

No pronouns or names that belong to the opposite sex or the concept of being “non-binary” could result in a school being investigated. 

It may even require “gender support initiatives,” which deny that humans are born male or female and recommend that a doctor “assign” a child’s sex after birth.

Often, schools design these programs without alerting or asking parents.

Some schools even mislead parents about these ideas. These strategies are being implemented in schools across the country, effectively undercutting the role parents play in their children’s healthcare and education. 

Parents’ freedom to direct their children’s education and upbringing has long been recognized as a fundamental right.

In Wisconsin v. Yoder, the Supreme Court stated, “the essential role of parents in raising their children is now set beyond discussion as a lasting American tradition.” The American tradition is currently under threat. 

Attempts to better protect paternal concerns against school policies that support a child’s social transition without parental approval or knowledge have been widely highlighted.

The Florida Parental Rights in Education bill barred schools from withholding emotional or mental health information from parents. Arizona made it easier for parents to seek legal remedies when their child’s care and rearing rights are infringed. 

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was created to address problems and prejudice faced by female students.

When Title IX was created, “sex” meant only one thing: male or female.

For 50 years, Title IX has enabled girls and women to overcome long-standing barriers and achieve professional success in academia and politics. 

Redefining Sex

The Biden presidency mistakenly claims that Bostock v. Clayton County requires “sex” to include gender identity.

Although the high court redefined sex in Bostock, it only applied to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The court’s finding did not extend to other federal statutes, including Title IX. 

Politicians and schools are trying to redefine “sex” to provide a personal sense of “gender identity,” which is harmful to women, children, parents, and society. 

There are just two “sexes.” Gender dysphoria affects adults, teenagers, and children; yet no child is born in the wrong body. Schools should not teach pupils to blame their bodies. 

Reinventing “sex” under Title IX (or any other law) puts children in danger. In most circumstances, children need parental protection. 

Trying to redefine “sex” to include gender identification will accelerate the propagation of secretive “gender support initiatives” that undermine parental rights.

Parents should approach this with care as it indicates a massive parental rights fight ahead.