Biden Administration Demands FBI to “Pad” Cases of Domestic Terrorism

As the White House utilizes these concerns as political rallying points, the Biden administration is allegedly pressuring federal law enforcement to overstate the danger from white supremacy and domestic terrorist activity.

FBI Agents Speak Out

As reported by Washington Times, current and past FBI employees claim the administration of President Biden is pressuring the agency to invest more money than needed in battling domestic terrorism, particularly terrorism with racial undertones.

An agent told the Times that the FBI leadership’s “request for white supremacy greatly outperforms the quantity of white supremacy.”

According to the agent, the FBI brass prioritized cases involving domestic radicalism, particularly those that have racial undertones.

The agent made the assertion that pressure is so strong that occasionally otherwise legitimate acts are included in the FBI’s investigation into specific conduct for a possible extremist connection.

FBI Denies Selecting Targets

The FBI denied selecting individuals based on criteria other than unlawful or dangerous behavior.

An FBI representative told the Times that the agency “investigates dangers posed by local violent extremists intensively.”

“We don’t look into doctrines. We don’t look into detailed instances based on the political beliefs of the people involved. Regardless of the primary motive or geopolitical objective, the FBI will continue to look into threatening or violent acts.”

In a statement he later recanted on September 1, Biden underlined the threat of “extremism” posed by “Trump and the MAGA Republicans.”

“There is no denying that Trump and the MAGA Republicans rule, encourage, and frighten the Republican Party today; this poses a danger to the country,” according to Biden.

“Republicans in MAGA have chosen their side. They enjoy being angry. They benefit from chaos. They reside in the darkness of lies, rather than the light that is the truth.”

House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated in July that FBI informants informed his office of a similar issue occurring within the agency.

According to whistleblower allegations, the FBI was “padding” its domestic terrorist cases to make the risk appear worse than it actually is, Jordan claimed.

“We’ve discovered from recent classified disclosures that FBI leadership is encouraging agents to redefine cases as ‘domestic violent extremism,’ even when they don’t actually fit the bill.”

The news that the FBI may be fraudulently inflating domestic terrorism data is outrageous, Jordan said in a note to FBI Director Christopher Wray, considering the Biden administration’s claim that domestic violent extremism is the “biggest threat” to our nation.

“We have heard allegations that FBI agents are inflating DVE cases to appease their supervisors.”

“One insider, for instance, claimed because there aren’t enough DVE cases being discovered, agents are pushed and rewarded to categorize cases as such, even when there is only weak circumstantial evidence to back up the claim.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.