Biden Attacks Gun Makers Without Reasoning

It should come as no surprise that President Joe Biden has a fundamentally flawed perspective and is being blatantly dishonest about the issue of firearms.

On a more fundamental level, though, he is not even somewhat consistent with logic.

Now, direct your attention to the article published at National Review Online by Dan McLaughlin, rather than going over the “flagrantly dishonest” component of the equation. 

Blaming Gun Manufacturers

As a matter of fact and not opinion, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Biden lied when he claimed gun makers have “special protections” against lawsuits.

In McLaughlin’s words, “its commodity is legitimately sold and used as intended.” As McLaughlin demonstrates, various sectors are afforded such specific safeguards.

However, what’s more essential is this: “under the regular principles of tort law,” every business implicitly gets such safeguards regardless. This is where the most egregious flaw in reasoning that Biden possesses manifests itself.

Product liability lawsuits are not anticipated to be successful when brought against lawful items that are not flawed and for which the manufacturer has not engaged in misleading marketing.

If a non-defective product is lawful and the producer has not misled about its hazards, then the product is, in fact, legal because of these factors.

If a customer uses an item incorrectly or with bad intentions, the person who made it is not to blame.

There is not the slightest shred of fair logic that would suggest otherwise.

If you follow Biden’s reasoning, persons who are injured in car accidents may file a lawsuit against Honda and Ford for the actions of drunk drivers.

In addition, if a crackhead stabs a pedestrian with a kitchen knife, the knife manufacturer might be held liable for damages.

Relatives of those who have used sleeping medicines in order to end their own lives might sue pharmaceutical corporations..and the absurdity continues.


On the other hand, if we were to assign legal liability, under the threat of making enormous damage payments, to the creator of each product or service that ends up harming people, then perhaps we could all sue Biden.

He engineered tremendous hyperinflation where there had been none for the previous 40 years, which resulted in a decline in the quality of life for practically all of us.

In contrast to the gun manufacturers, Biden is the one who is responsible for really pulling the trigger on inflationary measures that are currently affecting the United States.

Besides, if he doesn’t have enough money to compensate everyone, he might be able to tap into the fortune bestowed on his son Hunter by Chinese companies; some of these gifts appear to have been intended for Joe himself as the “big guy.”

People who want to put the blame on someone with “deep pockets” are advised to look beyond gun manufacturers and instead gather evidence against the person who is currently in the White House.

There is sound reasoning behind what you say. Or, at the very least, it’s an improvement over Biden’s anti-gun mental blunder.