Biden Backstabbed by AOC as Radical Left Toys With Him on 2024 Support

(TV snapshot shows AOC's backstabbing grin)

Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has just gotten backstabbed on live, mainstream TV by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

She explicitly refused to back the seemingly senile establishment leftist for a potential White House reelection bid.

Biden Abandoned by Radical Left

AOC’s betrayal live on CNN’s Sunday talk show, “State of the Union,” must feel gut-wrenchingly painful.

It comes right against the backdrop of a report by The New York Times, which found the overwhelming majority of 50 senior Democrat figures are against Biden’s potential attempt to secure the party’s presidential nomination in 2024.

Sleepy Joe’s 16 months in office so far have been primarily marked by his administration’s inability to cope with horrible crises pummeling the American people, and its baffling ability to stir up new ones.

This includes the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, communist-style shortages of basic goods, skyrocketing inflation, and more.

While Biden has been insisting he’s going to run for a second term, that is becoming less likely.

His repeated failures caused growing worries of emblematic Democrats – both the far-left and the establishment – that he might get the Democrat Party wiped out by the GOP in the midterms and also in the 2024 presidential election.

The latter concern became painfully evident in AOC’s comments on Sunday. Ocasio-Cortez was remarkably beating around the bush when a CNN host asked her whether she is in favor of a second term for Biden.

It took some grilling on part of the host, Dana Bash, to get AOC to answer the question, but her reply was hardly to Sleepy Joe’s liking.

Giving Biden a Particularly Humiliating Backstab

AOC’s position against Biden’s reelection prospects came garnished with some nervous laughter and some “you knows.”

She started with a conditional sentence on whether the “president chooses to run” in 2024, but she quickly interrupted herself to rant about how she is “focused” on winning the midterms in November.

It may as well be concluded that Biden is getting heavily played by the far left.

First, they hijacked his administration in order to push their largely anti-American agenda; secondly, when that produced devastating results for the good people of the United States, they decided to dump him.

In her tirade stabbing Biden’s back, AOC went on to declare she and the far left are going to consider supporting Sleepy Joe’s reelection only when he makes a run for a second term.

As though AOC didn’t humiliate the disoriented old man enough, she did graciously state Biden’s bid for another term is “certainly” a thing “we” all are “willing to entertain.”

When the CNN host remarked AOC’s answer is “not a yes,” the radical kept beating around the bush by choosing instead to laud what she said has been a “very good job” on Sleepy Joe’s part “so far.”

The American people are going to give their honest assessment of the “good job” done by Biden during the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election.