Biden Excited About Britain’s ‘Non-White’ Leader, Makes Embarrassing Name Gaffe

(Social media video snapshot)

President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden made a brand new, humiliating blunder by mispronouncing the name of the UK’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin.

Biden did this while he was giving off woke excitement vibes over how Britain now has its first “non-white leader.”

Britain’s First ‘Non-White’ Leader Since 1874

42-year-old Rishi Sunak, a multimillionaire and the UK’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer (i.e. Treasury Secretary), became Britain’s new Prime Minister on Monday. This was after becoming the new leader of the Conservative Party.

Earlier this year, Sunak lost a party vote for the job to then Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, only to succeed Truss after she saw herself forced to resign after just 45 days. This happened after her economic program favoring tax cuts to the rich backfired in no time.

Sunak has thus been claimed to be the first “non-white” Prime Minister of the UK, a development that overjoyed the anti-Western, Marxist-Communist, and woke crowd.

The proposition in question, though, isn’t technically true as back in 1874, or 148 years ago, Britain already had a “non-white,” non-English, or “non-Caucasian” Prime Minister: Earl Benjamin Disraeli of Beaconsfield.

Biden’s New Gaffe is ‘Pretty Astounding’

Biden’s latest embarrassment came as he was speaking at the White House on the occasion of Diwali, the Indian holiday, The Daily Mail reported.

Biden’s comments came ahead of Sunak’s formal naming as the new Prime Minister, which was expected after a meeting with King Charles III on Tuesday.

Marring his own and the communist left’s excitement over the new “non-white” British leader, Sleepy Joe embarrassingly stumbled over pronouncing Rishi Sunak’s name.

After attempting unsuccessfully several times to utter the four syllables in total, Biden settled on his own version of the new UK Prime Minister’s name. Biden shamelessly renamed him “Rashee Sanook” – and just to make sure he was heard, Biden pronounced “Rashee” twice.

A grinning Biden then underscored “Rashee Sanook” had become the leader of the British Conservative Party. “It’s a groundbreaking milestone,” Commie Joe said, adding, “and it matters, it matters.”

“Pretty astounding,” Biden added. Although it wasn’t exactly clear whether he wasn’t actually referring to his own gaffe to remember and pronounce “Rashee Sanook’s” name.

A post on Empty Shelves Joe’s official Twitter account also congratulated Sunak for becoming the UK’s Prime Minister. Though it actually contained the new leader’s correct name, having been written by Biden’s non-senile White House staffers.

‘Black, White or Asian – Not on Your Side’

Meanwhile, in the UK, a Member of Parliament from the leftist Labor Party, Nadia Whittome, part of the Socialist Campaign Group, decried Sunak’s rise, describing him as a member of the hyper-rich elite who is an enemy to all working people of any skin color.

The 26-year-old politician, who is also of South Asian origin, wrote on social media that Sunak’s rise was no “win for Asian representation.”

Whittome pointed out that as chancellor, Sunak slashed bank profit taxes and presided over the UK’s biggest living standard decline since 1956.

“He’s not your side,” she said, “if you work for a living” regardless of whether you are “black, white or Asian.” Whittome was apparently later made to delete her post by the headquarters of the leftist Labor Party.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.