Biden Favors Illegals Over Citizens

In the end, for whom should the United States’ immigration policy be designed?

Are the nation’s immigration rules structured to accommodate and protect the interests of the billions of potential migrants from across the world who wish to migrate to the United States?

Or should they be created to safeguard the interests of American citizens?

New Mission Statement

If President Biden’s position on this issue wasn’t previously apparent, he made it abundantly clear this week. US Citizenship and Immigration Services amended its stated mission for the second time in less than three years.

The most significant changes that happened during the Trump administration were he changed the phrases “nation of immigrants” and “customers” from the previous statement and modified them to “protecting Americans” and “securing the homeland.”

At the time, Cissna stated the term “customers” leads to an incorrect belief we are ultimately serving applicants and petitioners, rather than the people of the United States.

He is absolutely accurate. However, the notion that an immigration agency exists to assist Americans, rather than non-Americans trying to join their nation, did not stand up under the Biden administration’s scrutiny.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) mission statement under the new Biden administration reads USCIS fulfills America’s vow as a place of welcome and potential with justice, respect, and honesty for everyone we serve.

Whose Interests?

USCIS Director Ur Jaddou stated this week, “the United States is and will continue to be a welcoming nation that accepts people from all around the world who seek family reunion, career or professional opportunities, and humanitarian protection.”

“At the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, we recognize that every time we provide an immigration or naturalization benefit, we are creating an opportunity for people to contribute to the building of a greater America.”

In the meantime, the focus at USCIS is once again solely on treating immigrants as consumers, ensuring they receive the “benefits” that President Biden and his Democrat partners want to provide them.

There is no mention of the importance of protecting citizens or border crossings.

The USCIS has no specific mandate to secure the border or deport people who do not have legal status in the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, together with the Border Patrol, is responsible for these obligations.

Despite this, the USCIS continues to serve a vital role in ensuring the legality of the immigration system.

For example, when the USCIS looks at petitions to get green cards, work permits, asylum, and other immigration benefits, who should USCIS officials think of as their ultimate client?

They are ultimately working for whomever and whatever their interests are. Are you a citizen of the United States?

For that matter, what about the billions of foreigners who want to immigrate to this country? We now have a better understanding of Biden’s position.