Biden Goes After Republicans For Dispatching Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

Republicans are officially standing up and saying “no more” when it comes to rampant, illegal immigration.

For months on end, the White House has been completely lying about the southern border, claiming it’s secure when it’s not, and otherwise ignoring officials who say the border is out of control and needs to be secured.

Due to a lack of action and urgency from the Biden administration, states are stepping up to the plate. This means getting physical barriers set up at the border, making arrests of individuals who illegally enter the country, and even transporting them to sanctuary cities.

When illegal immigrants were taking over border towns in Texas and Arizona, Biden didn’t care at all. However, the president is now livid over Republican governors daring to dispatch these migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and various sanctuary cities, per Breitbart News.

The Latest Temper Tantrum From the President

During a speech at the Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala, Biden fingerwagged Republican governors for not letting their communities be completely overrun with illegal immigrants.

The president declared that GOP governors are pulling “political stunts” and interfering with the White House’s process of ensuring appropriate migrant oversight at the border.

Unfortunately, however, the over one year that border states have spent dealing with illegal immigration proves otherwise.

In fact, the migrants arriving at Martha’s Vineyard and sanctuary cities, like Chicago and Washington DC, are merely a fraction of what border cities are facing regularly.

Naturally, Biden also used his speech at the gala to call for amnesty and rally Republicans to join him in supporting this. Frankly, the president shouldn’t hold his breath on this one.

This incentivizing of illegal immigration is the very reason why the United States is facing current problems at the border, to begin with.

The Only Solution

If the White House is as serious as it claims to be about migrants not being dispatched to sanctuary cities and Martha’s Vineyard, it can remove the demand for these transfers.

Naturally, that will involve securing the southern border and stopping mass illegal immigration. However, the reality that Biden’s made no mention of doing this and is instead talking about amnesty proves that Democrats just don’t get it.

For all of the president’s tough talk, he seems to be at least subtly aware there’s nothing he can legitimately do to prevent GOP governors from transferring migrants outside of border states without securing the border.

From everything that’s been demonstrated thus far, the president would rather virtue signal and posture politically than take real action to stop illegal immigration.

What do you think about Biden complaining over GOP governors dispatching migrants to sanctuary cities, yet refusing to secure the southern border? Feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.