Biden May Be Declaring a Public Health Emergency Soon

The nation is still facing the aftereffects of Roe v. Wade meeting its demise toward the end of June.

Since this verdict, there have been riots in the streets, confrontations of justices while they’re dining out, and more.

Biden recently put through an executive order designed to strengthen access to contraception and abortion; yet, the president’s own base views this as too weak a measure.

A recent poll subsequently has Biden’s approval rating at a pitiful 29%.

Over the weekend, news broke that Biden is considering a public health emergency declaration to offset the ruling sending abortion back to the states, per The Hill.

What to Know About the Potential Declaration

The public health emergency declaration, if made, will exist solely for the federal government to use its resources to expand and promote abortion.

The president confirmed to reporters that this measure is being strongly considered. Biden then called for people who are angry about the Supreme Court’s ruling to continue demonstrating.

Despite Biden’s remarks over the weekend, there are definitely growing questions about the legality of such a measure. In fact, even officials within the White House are expressing reservations about using a public health emergency declaration in this fashion.

White House aides have reportedly warned the president that a public health emergency declaration wouldn’t make that many federal resources available. Likewise, officials warned there’s very little funding allocated for what Biden’s considering doing.

Getting Back in With His Base

At this time, Biden remains in the doghouse with many Democrats, therefore raising questions about whether declaring a public health emergency is more about show for left-wing voters than results.

The president is hemorrhaging favor with his own base. A recent survey showed that in a 2024 Democratic primary race, only 30% of Democrats would throw their weight behind Biden.

Then, there’s the growing number of Democrats openly saying that a younger, more capable candidate should take the reins during the 2024 presidential election.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether or not the president goes through with the public health emergency declaration. However, the timing of Democrats demanding Biden to get more forceful in opposition to abortion restrictions and bans can’t be missed.

In the meantime, pro-abortion activists have continued going after Supreme Court justices in public.

The White House has been asked about this multiple times; yet, on each occasion, the Biden administration refuses to condemn these harassment episodes.

Critics of the president are sounding off as well, expressing their views that using a public health emergency declaration in this fashion constitutes an abuse of power.

Do you think Biden will go through with using a public health emergency declaration to promote abortion, despite reservations from his own White House? In the comments area, let us know.