Biden Must Go Beyond Condemning Abortion Atrocity

This week, the White House deputy press secretary criticized the brutality of the pro-abortion organization, “Jane’s Revenge.”

However, Americans want to see President Biden make a greater denunciation of the group. The Department of Justice must begin detaining and investigating the group and its sympathizers before anyone is killed.

Promising More Action

This week, a pro-abortion group called Jane’s Revenge put out a statement, saying they were behind 16 separate acts of arson and damage against pregnancy help centers in ten states.

The manifesto stated, “You have witnessed we are serious and not just pushing hollow phrases.”

“We pledged to take progressively severe action against repressive infrastructure. Certainly, we will; although these tactics may not be as easy to clean up as fire or graffiti.”

Since the release of a draft Supreme Court judgment that, if published, might overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-life groups documented at least 20 distinct attacks against pro-life institutions.

When asked to comment on the Jane’s Revenge manifesto, White House deputy press secretary Alexandra LaManna stated the following:

“Violence and property damage have no place in our democracy under any conditions and the president condemns this.”

This is an excellent beginning, but stronger rhetoric and actions are required.

The answer from the White House was much better than that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Pelosi, when asked if she would say anything about the violence of pro-abortion activists, refused to do so and said, wrongly, that “making everything political is very American.”

Sadly, the reduction of pro-abortion violence is not exclusive to the legislative branch. Kristen Clarke, Biden’s candidate for the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, has been openly antagonistic to pro-life organizations.

Clarke referred to pregnancy resource centers that educate pregnant women on alternative solutions to abortion as “harmful” and “predatory.” No surprise, Biden’s Justice Department has not taken action.

Personal Attacks

The assault against pro-life organizations occurred after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, “You have unleashed the whirlwind and you will face the consequences.”

A California male with a loaded firearm and zip ties was apprehended outside of Kavanaugh’s home only last week. The person said he was going to kill Kavanaugh because groups like “Ruth Sent Us” posted the justice’s home address online.

Ruth Sent Us also told its readers where Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s children go to school.

This intimidation and violence should not come as a surprise.

In May of this year, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence Analysis warned multiple social media accounts called for “burning down or invading the U.S. Supreme Court and killing justices and their staff, members of Congress, and legal protesters.”

The document also said “grievances related to limiting access to abortion could fuel violence of pro-choice, abortion-related violent groups and other domestic violent extremists.”

These DHS concerns regarding pro-abortion violence are being realized. Biden needs to take a strong stand against these groups and ask the DOJ to look into their violent, illegal actions.