Biden Pleads with Democrats Over Spending Bill

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are abreast of the details in American news media over the last few months, then you must be conversant with Biden’s spending bill and his struggle to have it passed into law.

In recent news, Biden, in a move to have the spending packages passed into law, has begun craving the indulgence of Democrats to help with passing the bill. 

Biden further iterated he would call lawmakers to answer all queries asked of him once the bill is passed into law. However, in response to his plea, Biden got backlash from some Democrat lawmakers who feel it is wrong to seek the votes of Democrat lawmakers, without seeking votes of the liberals. 

The Obscurity About the Cost of the Reconciliation Bill

One of the core arguments lawmakers have against Biden’s spending bills is they do not know the actual value of the reconciliation bill. While giving his opinion on this, Senator Joe Manchin stated Democrats are further making the cost of the bill obscure with gimmicks about the 2022 budget.

According to the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget (far from the $1.85 trillion estimates Biden gave as the actual cost of the bill), it is likely the worth of the bill would peg a jaw-breaking $4 trillion. 

While many Americans are currently of the view the bills would not in any way make their lives better, Biden has further iterated passing the bills would give Americans access to a future they never envisaged. 

Americans Response to Biden’s Policies

A lot of Americans have, in recent times, showcased their disdain for Biden’s economic policies. As a matter of fact, his recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate (which is supposed to take effect in January 2022) has faced a lot of backlash, as analysts predict it will lead to a major decline of workers in the labor market. 

Americans have always been vocal about what they feel concerning numerous governmental policies. However, rather than listen to the masses about the reconciliation bill, Biden has come out to say his bills have significant public support. 

Recently, the Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, expressed her rage about Biden’s spending policies. In her words, McDaniel detailed the current administration’s poor policies have led to a surge in the prices of gas and groceries, respectively. 

She went on to add while Americans are paying through their noses for basic necessities, all Biden and Democrats care about are rolling out trillions in spendings and giving a tax cut to wealthy Americans. 

Americans are currently irked with Biden’s numerous government policies. One would have expected in the interest of legitimacy, Biden would listen to the voices of the masses. Instead, Biden is living in a fiasco, and he alone sees no wrongs in his policies.