Biden Slips Up, Says “Honor” Associated With Holocaust

Joe Biden has established a reputation as someone who has a tendency to make gaffes and slip-ups when he speaks, especially publicly.

With these occurrences happening on a more and more frequent basis, it’s only fueling speculation that Biden’s mental facilities are in a state of decline.

Naturally, this leaves the White House in a position of constantly having to clean up and correct what the president says.

Yet, still, having his comments constantly walked back by the administration doesn’t do any favors for Biden’s image either.

However, this week alone, the president landed in hot water for a bad gaffe he made concerning the Holocaust, as documented by Fox News.

A Bad Look For Biden

This past Wednesday, the president visited Israel for the purpose of foreign policy talks, notably the nuclear deal involving Iran.

However, when Biden gave a speech about the Holocaust and its victims, the situation began to fall apart. At one point, the president acknowledged the millions of Jewish people who lost their lives to the genocidal Holocaust.

Yet, the problematic part of Biden’s speech arrived when he mentioned the need to never let the truth or “honor” of the Holocaust be forgotten.

Nearly immediately, Biden corrected himself, stating the “horror” of the Holocaust has to be remembered, while the lives of those who died during this atrocity must be honored.

It didn’t take very long for Biden’s slip-up in confusing “honor” and “horror” to go viral. This is simply one of many examples that stand of the president slipping up when discussing key issues.

An Image of Weakness

Wednesday isn’t the first time the president’s made these serious flubs on the world stage and it certainly won’t be the last.

As viral footage spread of Biden’s slip of the tongue, many Americans weighed in, warning that Biden is embarrassing the United States when he makes these sorts of mistakes.

America is supposed to be the leader of the free world. However, to many people (not just in the United States), Biden appears sluggish, unprepared, and essentially asleep at the wheel.

This isn’t a disposition that shows strength or commands respect from other world leaders.

Some American lawmakers, such as GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson (who also just so happens to have previously served as a White House physician), warn that Biden’s inability to avoid gaffes like this is a risk to US national security.

Jackson’s also gone on record comparing the current president’s mental faculties to those of a child.

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