Biden Tells Big Lies and Sniffs Kids in Oregon

Joe Biden is living in his own fantasy world. In a recent event in Oregon, he got confused about the name of the politician he was introducing and then engaged in his usual strange behavior.

Biden went on some rather odd monologues at the town hall event. He then stopped by an ice cream place in Gresham, which is a suburb about 20 minutes from downtown Portland.

Biden showed how out of touch he is while chomping down on an ice cream cone and going on about how well the economy is doing. Yes, he actually said it…

Biden: US Economy ‘Strong as Hell’

According to Biden, the economy is “strong as hell” and there’s really nothing to worry about. The problems are in other nations, but America is doing great, thanks to the strength of the USD.

Inflation is more of a problem in foreign countries, not in the US, according to Biden. Has he been around any regular families lately to see just how much of a big deal inflation is?

If you like to eat or drive, it’s a pretty big deal, actually; his heavy spending policies and green energy obsession have fed directly into making it worse.

Annual income has decreased by $6,000 per US family, thanks to inflation, already $2,000 more in annual losses since two months ago. That’s some pretty serious loss of income due to inflation if you ask me.

Biden may want to say it’s much worse in other countries and America is relatively well off, but this is also untrue.

Biden Goes On Sniffing Spree

After sounding off about how great everything is going and subjecting us to his ice cream obsession, Biden grasped the hand of a nearby girl and held it for a long time.

He then started sniffing the hair of a lady next to the girl and tried to kiss her on the head. Biden is a serial sniffer who likes to do whatever he can to sniff as many people as possible.

Only recently this past Friday, he gave dating advice to a small girl while touching her on the shoulder.

Why is he telling a little girl who to date and when? He’s a grown man and he’s the president; maybe he should focus on being a little less creepy.

Back Off Biden

Biden just doesn’t come across as a serious POTUS. The problem is the effects of what he’s doing are very serious to every American.

His recent trip to beg the Saudis for oil didn’t pan out; his threats against Putin haven’t stopped Russia’s growing violence in the Ukraine war.

Biden needs to start getting serious about his presidential duties. The idea of him running again in 2024 is absurd.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.