Biden Withholds $200M in Military Aid, as Russia Plans Ukraine Invasion

According to reports, President Biden is delaying the delivery of military support to Ukraine. This happens as Russia plans for what many analysts fear will be an imminent invasion that might occur at any time.

According to NBC News, the Biden administration has been working on a $200 million package of extra military support for Ukraine in recent weeks. The White House has so far refused to provide funding, despite demands from Kyiv and certain members of Congress.

The administration put a smaller delivery of arms and ammunition equipment on hold to give more time for diplomacy, in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

Specific Needs

In an interview, a source said the president was thinking about a more extensive package that would be approved if Russia did more damage. During that time, Russia built up tens of thousands of troops near the Ukraine border. 

The Ukrainians have requested air defense systems, more Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-ship rockets, ammunition, radar system upgrades, digital jamming gear, and more medical aid, as part of a $200 million aid package.

It’s not clear what the package contains. A mixture of threats of sanctions, military support, and diplomacy may get Putin to remove the tens of thousands of Russian soldiers that he set up near Ukraine’s border.

There should be more strength from the west when it comes to standing up to Vladimir Putin, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said in an op-ed on Friday.

He said they have their own well-equipped military units in Ukraine; therefore, they don’t want western countries to send their own troops on the ground.

However, they do need more firearms to protect themselves. Everything, from ammo to medical supplies, is vital to them. They are especially in need of air and missile defenses, though.

It All Boils Down to NATO

Authorities from the U.S. and Ukraine say Russia has between 70,000 and 94,000 soldiers near the border. Vladimir Putin plans to add about 175,000 more troops.

Russia is putting more troops on the ground because it wants the U.S. to say Ukraine will not join NATO. They also don’t want NATO to get involved in military operations around Ukraine.

A U.S. spokesperson told reporters that, as early as 2022, Russian schemes call for a military attack on Ukraine. It will be twice the size of the forces we just saw this past spring when Russia held a quick exercise adjacent to Ukraine’s borders.

The plans call for the mobilization of 100 battalion tactical groups, with a projected 175,000 people and armor, artillery, and other equipment.

According to the report, Russia President Vladimir Putin may order an invasion at any time based on his country’s preparations. Such an action would catch the United States and its NATO allies off guard and put them in a difficult situation.

Russian officials are facilitating this swift invasion option by putting equipment near the places where they would attack after conducting training drills in those areas.