Biden’s Border Crisis: From Bad to Worse?

As each day passes, the Biden administration continues to look clueless on how to handle the border crisis. Besides, this border crisis has gone on unabated and there seems to be no solution in sight.

The influx of illegal migrants from Haiti into the US is only going to become worse. In an interview with Axios, Panama Foreign Minister Erika Mounes revealed some damning information.

She said the Biden administration should have been prepared for the illegal entry of thousands of Haitians into the country. She then revealed Panama ‘sounded the alarm’ as soon as it should have.

With the Biden administration failing to act when Panama warned, Erika said up to 60,000 illegal immigrants are on their way to the southern border.

The Panamanian government estimated that close to 27,000 migrants are passing through the Darien Gap jungle to the US-Mexico border this month. It further noted the 27,000 figure is more than the total number of migrants that moved through the jungle in all of 2019.

Panama and Neighbors are Taking Big Steps in Solving the Problem

Even without the US taking significant steps in stopping this wave of illegal immigrants, Panama and some South American governments are working to stop this menace.

They held task force meetings in August. The purpose of the meeting is to stop charter planes from landing in their countries with migrants. They also planned to impose quotas at the borders to keep the numbers of migrants in transit countries in check.

Erika Mouynes moreover implored the US to help impose a coordinated plan with the countries in the region. She said the US needs to recognize and understand all migrants are headed for the United States.

What Exactly is the Biden Administration Doing About this?

Erika Mouynes said the Panamanian government relayed the problem to every authority possible, but all to no avail. She added this has been going on for months, with Panama informing the US authority many times, but being left with dead silence.


Besides, the numbers show that over 85,000 immigrants (most of which are Haitians) have passed through Panama since the turn of the year.

So far, 25,000 Haitians have made their way to the US-Mexico border, most of them gaining entry into the country.

With an estimated 60,000 more migrants on their way to the border, Biden’s Border Patrol will need to change from their ineffective norm to stop this wave of illegal immigrants.

We need to realize it isn’t just the Haitians taking advantage of Biden’s open border. It is everybody with interest in taking the back route into the country.

Moreover, they are not to be blamed for this. The reasons are simple; it is costly and Biden’s administration encourages them to make the trip.

One thing is sure; if Biden doesn’t act decisively, Border Patrol will continue to be overwhelmed with migrants.

Besides, this will also lead to poor conditions for these migrants. Not only that, but the cruel crimes committed by human traffickers and cartels against the migrants will continue to go on.