Biden’s Failings With OPEC and Rising Gas Prices

Left-wing Democrats have advocated for increased gas prices for years since $2 gas can’t stop global warming.

Now, it is our turn. As things stand today, Democrats are panicking over rising gas prices. The forthcoming elections worry them. 

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Gas Prices Throughout the United States

Gas is $1.50 more than when President Joe Biden came into office, notwithstanding White House rhetoric. Wisconsin ($4.06), Arizona ($4.51), and Nevada ($5.54) each have high gas prices. 

Biden’s anti-fossil energy stance and inflationary post-COVID expenditures are to blame. The Russian assault on Ukraine is partly to blame, but not entirely. Before Putin’s war, gas prices had risen by $1.25 a gallon. 

Despite his opposition to domestic oil and gas drilling, Biden is being driven into abnormal Democratic conduct. 

Beginning in March, he withdrew a million barrels of oil daily from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The reserve has been exhausted since 1984.

Given the risk of war with Russia and the Chinese takeover of Taiwan, that may not be sensible. J.D. Vance called it “the most politically foolhardy thing an American president has embarked on in current memory.” 

It shows that Biden believes global warming is primarily hype. It is like officials who buy expensive mansions that will be flooded in a few years. 

It worsens. Biden, hesitant to annoy his environmentalist constituency by supporting more domestic drilling (they’re already revolting over Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) mild permitting improvements), begged despotic foreign regimes to produce additional oil for him. 

The Nemesis!

This was Biden’s fault.

During his 2020 election campaign, he gushed about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s human rights track record. Arab leaders initially refused to answer his calls.

As atonement, they drove Biden to visit that region earlier this year when he awkwardly fist-bumped the crown prince, whom he had called a killer. Biden’s humanitarian concerns are laughable. 

Biden’s ambition to lower gas costs before the election was so strong that he turned his back on human rights and climate change freedoms. 

Now, he is getting his first prize. OPEC members, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, met this week and opted not to boost output, as Biden desired. They will cut production by two million barrels a day, counterbalancing Biden’s strategic oil discharge by a factor of two.

Biden has embarrassed America since assuming office, starting with his disorganized, fatal rout in Afghanistan last September. This American weakness helped Putin attack Ukraine. 

This rejection by OPEC may be Biden’s most personal yet.

Biden was called the world’s worst diplomat. Although that’s an exaggeration, he has alienated allies and displayed weakness to America’s foes.

Both allies and foes hope or fear Americans will soon pick a strong leader. Voters may stop Biden’s policy vehicle until 2024 by voting out Democrats. Those who defend Biden earned it.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.