Biden’s New Press Secretary is in Big Trouble

Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) was supposed to replace outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki and be even better and smarter. The sad truth is she’s a disgrace.

Biden chose KJP because of her race and gender, which is racist and condescending enough to already bring her appointment into question.

Though what makes it even worse is KJP is completely unprepared for the position. The result is that her lies aren’t even convincing many leftist journalists. What comes next?

KJP Strikes Out on Softball Pitch

Republican Senator Ted Cruz made an invitation a few days ago for Biden to visit the U.S. and Mexico border to understand more about the crisis that’s going on there.

Biden spoke a lot about his supposed outrage at President Trump over the border and even got angry over the “cages” that Trump was holding illegal aliens in.

As Trump noted, “who built the cages, Joe?” but Biden isn’t interested in throwing any shade at his former big boss, Barack Obama.

In any case, Cruz’s intention was for the president to see up close the human tragedy he’s helped create at the border.

Biden isn’t interested in that; he’d rather keep virtue signaling and setting his FBI and DOJ loose on conservatives and Trump insiders to try to swing the midterms his way.

Instead of giving the standard response that Biden plans to visit the border and everything will be fine, KJP just completely struck out, providing no actual explanation or defense of why Biden doesn’t care about the border crisis.

Biden’s Useless Press Secretary

KJP tried to deflect to insulting Republicans once again and going after Cruz. What about Cruz’s invitation?

He is a senator from Texas. Cruz can get Biden in a good position to talk with our Border Patrol and understand what’s going on, including how it’s affecting millions of Latino Americans who live near the border.

KJP simply gave no real answer at all, as she does for everything. She’s a complete liar and fake, but unlike “circle back” Psaki, she’s not really fooling anyone.

At least Psaki had the veneer of wanting to answer or say something. KJP doesn’t even bother. She just stands there and repeats incitements and insults against conservatives and thinks that settles the matter.

It doesn’t. Two million border apprehensions since a year ago don’t just disappear because you say Republicans are mean. These are serious problems, not jokes to toss around like political footballs.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, this isn’t KJP’s fault. It’s the Biden regime’s fault for giving her complete garbage to work with.

Even with the issue of reopening of post-pandemic schools in which Democratic states reopened schools earlier than expected than Republican states, KJP refused to really provide any defense.

Another fact is whenever confronted about something, Jean-Pierre hides behind a smile, instead of providing any real answer.

Let me be frank: she seems like a great lady! Though there’s zero real defense for this corrupt and horrific Biden regime.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.