Biden’s Nonsensical Foreign Policy Hurting America and Allies

One thing we like about Joe Biden is his consistency; his consistency in making stupid decisions and policies that hurt America and its allies is unmatched. Over time, the president of America has shown that he doesn’t care about Americans and allies at all.

Flashback to November 8, 2020; President Biden vowed to make America respected around the world again. The statement is laughable because, under former President Trump, America was respected and FEARED by the world. Aside from making policies that put Americans first, Trump also ensured the Armed Forces were well funded.

Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan

It has been eight months since Biden ascended to the office of the president of the United States of America. However, in this relatively short time, Biden has not made America respected globally; rather, he has successfully embarrassed America on the world stage.

With Biden in charge, America has lost its fear factor. Not only that, but our beloved country is now more vulnerable to both foreign and domestic threats. Faraway in Afghanistan, Biden decided to withdraw our troops from the country. In doing so, he left the fate of Americans in the hands of the Taliban.

As if it isn’t enough to leave the country hurriedly, the military left behind taxpayer-funded military weapons, vehicles, and gear worth billions of dollars. By America doing this, the Taliban is now in control of most of these weapons.

In addition, a US drone strike killed ten innocent civilians in the country after mistaking them for ISIS-K terrorists. Among those killed were seven children and a worker for a US aid group. Worse, a military official called it a ‘mistake’ and that’s it.

Biden’s Administration is Hurting Allies

France is one of the oldest allies of America. However, Biden has managed to strain the relationship between America and France. In doing so, for the first time in history, France recalled its ambassador to America.

In other news, congressional Democrats succumbed to their party’s radical wing and sought to strip funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. It is quite shocking because the bill enjoyed bipartisan support for a long time. As expected, the Israeli ambassador was not happy with the move.

Biden is Losing It

Joe Biden needs to tell us if he cannot run the country. In a bid to make America ‘respected again’ globally, he has successfully made America a joke. He left the border crisis to fester, left the fate of Americans in the hands of the vicious Taliban, and even angered our allies.

Let’s get this straight. An open border will put Americans and migrants at risk. Also, the Taliban being equipped with the best weapons in the world is already a security problem. Not only that, but recent actions have led allies to question if the once GREAT America can be trusted.

In conclusion, Biden needs to tell us if this is what he meant by making our already great America respected again.