Biden’s Woeful September Jobs Report is the Worst Since 2020

Is anybody else tired of Biden’s silly “Build Back Better” agenda? We sure are. We are tired of him consistently lying to himself that he is building anything at all.

In his nine months in office, President Biden has plagued America with numerous mishaps. The immigration crisis, inflation, and foreign policies that have put America and its allies at risk are consistent themes of his administration.

The jobs report for September is here and Biden has again failed to live up to expectations. The report is terrible and it highlights America’s reality of being led by an out-of-touch president.

September’s Abysmal Jobs Report

On Friday, the 8th of July, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported the American economy added a total of 194,000 jobs in September. It also said the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percent to 4.8 percent.

Experts predicted 500,000 new jobs forecast by the month; this means Biden missed the mark by 60 percent. With these figures, September now has the lowest jobs report in the year. The last time the US economy added fewer jobs was in December 2020, during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Biden chooses to focus on the lower unemployment rate, the metric can’t be celebrated when analyzed with the weak job growth. Earlier on Fox Business, economist Steve Moore explained the 4.8 percent unemployment rate is not great when there are only 190,000 new payrolls for the month.

He said this shows people are leaving the labor market and declining to look for work. Steve Moore further noted it is possible for the unemployment rate to drop to zero if all the unemployed dropped out of the labor force.

Republicans Bash Biden’s Policies

As expected, regardless of how Biden and the Democrats want to push the terrible September jobs report, Republicans will not have it. They blamed Biden and his policies for the poor economic recovery.

Senator Tom Cotton said the jobs report for the month echoes what employers across the country have been saying: the shortage of labor is worsening. He said the Biden administration needs to abandon their entitlement payments costing billions of taxpayers’ money.

He added that Biden’s administration needs to restore the work requirements they cut when they went on a spending spree in March and get people back to work.

Senate Minority Whip John Thune also expressed his displeasure on Twitter. He said the Democrats’ promises of handing out everything for free aren’t helping the rising inflation and stagnant job growth.

We can confidently say the jobs report for September has put the final nail in Biden’s promise of seven million new jobs. A significant cause of this is the government aid Biden introduced. With Americans getting thousands of dollars in aid, there’s no incentive for them to find work.

Aside from that, Biden is still proposing an increase in corporate taxes. So, by logic, we can conclude Biden wants to take more money from employers to pay people refusing to work in the name of “aid.”

Unless the Biden administration changes its policies, things will only get worse for Americans. What are your thoughts on the September jobs report? Do you think Joe Biden has what it takes to turn it around? We’re curious to know what you think about this.