Bill Maher Roasts Libs for Editing Historical Facts to Their Liking

"Bill Maher is Behind Bars!!" by Chris Harte

During his latest show, liberal comedian Bill Maher tore into the liberals and their tendency to overwrite historical events to fit their own moral agenda. They are often choosing to judge these events and figures according to today’s moral standards.

Maher added that novels, TV shows, and movies are all fair game when it comes to fan fiction. Yet, we should also keep history books out of it, especially if it’s a question of morals, which were wildly different back in the day.

“Media Mogul Bill Maher talks to the Press while Protesters cause commotion in the Background at Ryerson University for the Tiff ’08 Premiere of his new movie, Religulous” by Chris Harte

Maher mocks the left for “presenting,” “participation trophies”

Moreover, he touched on the matter of grade school history.

This has been a subject of controversy in recent times as well, due to the left claiming Republicans are attempting to “whitewash” history, even though they’re the ones hellbent on controlling the present.

Maher then went on to cite James Sweet, a scholar who published an essay on the matter at hand.

He added the Wisconsin professor was chastised for criticizing the concept of presentism, even though it’s incredibly stupid to assume people in the past “should have known better.”

While Columbus certainly did commit some atrocities during his lifetime, the fact is, people in that time were generally atrocious; it’s ignorant to judge him with the morals we have today.

He also added the left’s idea that slavery was exclusive to America is categorically false.  The term itself comes from the word Slav and that’s if we ignore the fact it was the black slaveowners in Africa who sold slaves to Americans.

Maher slams the left’s woke time machine

The human capacity for cruelty is simply that, human. It’s not something relegated to white people, which is the idea the left is trying to sell to the world, even if they have next to no evidence to back their claims up.

However, in the present, the truth can often conflict with the narrative. Yet, we are constantly watching the truth be forced to apologize to “woke” snowflakes who invented the moral time machine to judge everyone against what they think they would’ve done.

This is why presentists often believe they’re better people than George Washington simply because their friend group is much more diverse than he was. Though he’d likely be on the “woke” side of the spectrum as well if he was still alive today.

This goes to show to what lengths the woke mob is willing to go for things to fit their narrative, even if there are countless artifacts and pieces of writing outlining exactly how things went down in history.

Changing these things according to how you feel they should be is ignorant in every sense of the word. Despite the fact a bunch of liberals may find it hard to come to terms with this, not everything is up in the air to change or delete at will.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.