Breaking! Chinese Drugs Flooding Through Our Borders

According to a Pennsylvania lawmaker, Chinese fentanyl streaming across the southern border in times of disaster is driving the opioid crisis in his state.

In a phone appearance with Fox News on Thursday, GOP Rep. John Joyce issued a warning about Chinese-made painkillers. Joyce stated America’s unsecured southern border is increasing the opium epidemic; drug smugglers should face harsh punishment and be held responsible.

Unconfiscated Drugs in the State

Joyce said drug offenses should be used to pursue traffickers, rather than users. He noted he has been to the border and witnessed massive volumes of opiates, fentanyl-related compounds, and methamphetamines. 

The district attorney presented him with the confiscated items. The quantities they do not catch continue to flow across the border.

He went on to say lowering the minimum mandatory laws for fentanyl duplicates and other classes will encourage drug traffickers to smuggle more fentanyl mimics across the southern border.

Joyce also cautioned about China’s participation in the opioid crisis as a producer of fentanyl smuggled into the US through the southern border.

He claimed China is playing a significant role in bringing these toxins into the United States through the country’s vulnerable southern border. China must be held responsible for this. They’re using the drug cartels to penetrate the United States and generate this problem.

The Pennsylvania Republican cautioned the opioid crisis would undoubtedly worsen, due to the border crisis and he asked for more funds and gear for Border Patrol.

He additionally stated we must be capable of protecting our nation’s sovereignty, which is why we are defending our borders. Congress should concentrate on border security and border protection. Despite this, Biden is turning a blind eye.

Harris Taking Border Control Leniently

Joyce also slammed Vice President Harris, accusing her of disregarding the border situation that President Biden tasked her with addressing as the point person.

The congressman suggested the point person goes to the border, emphasizing he had been there personally and would be happy to escort the vice president there. Joyce also stated Harris should have visited the border’s “hot zones.”

He declared they are aware she should be paying close attention to areas and a quick pause is insufficient. Furthermore, Joyce stated Harris should concentrate on the channels used by the cartels.

The vice president should also collaborate with Congress to establish a plan to combat them because this is a catastrophe.

It is Biden’s border problems exacerbating the drug and fentanyl epidemics that afflict his district. He also stated Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should appear before Congress and testify.

As drugs flow via the southern border, opioid use in America has grown in recent years. Border security is essential in keeping fentanyl and other harmful drugs off the street.

According to Customs and Border Protection statistics, drug prosecutions on the southern border have decreased since Biden entered office.