BREAKING: Georgia Enters State of Emergency Following Widespread Rioting

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp just declared a state of emergency. The Peach State has been experiencing several weeks of unhinged violence from far-left terrorists and Antifa members.

Now, 1,000 National Guard troops are being deployed to Atlanta as worse upheaval is expected. Meanwhile, there are ongoing investigations into multiple arsons and attacks on law enforcement officers.

Here’s a situation report on what’s happening in Georgia.

Why Is There Rioting?

This rioting broke out on January 21 in Atlanta when Antifa extremists torched a police vehicle. The motive was rage at the death of far-left Antifa member Manuel Teran, who was shot dead on January 18 by police.

According to reports, Teran refused to leave the area of an Antifa protest and then fired at police when they tried to get him to comply. He was fatally shot by officers at this point.

In reaction to Teran’s death, his comrades began causing chaos, burning police vehicles, shouting in the streets, and trying to plant explosives around various locations.

The rioting and arson have only escalated since then, including numerous threats against individuals, businesses, and areas of Atlanta.

There have already been multiple arrests. Troops now have the power to make arrests as well, according to this emergency declaration.

Martial Law?

This is essentially martial law in areas of the state, being done in response to Antifa and armed leftist thugs starting a war in Georgia. Antifa is a loosely organized “anti-fascist” organization that started in the mid-1930s in response to the rise of fascism in Europe.

Modern Antifa considers themselves to be descendants of the same crusade for justice and condones violence and direct confrontation. They accuse many people of fascism, including political moderates and moderate liberals.

Antifa has shown themselves willing to use extreme violence, arson, targeted assassination, and wage wide-scale propaganda wars employing the mainstream media to amplify their voices.

They supposedly are just an “idea” according to Joe Biden, whose fellow Democrats have consistently given a pass to the far-left agitators.

VP Kamala Harris even tweeted out a bail link for rioters and Antifa members during the summer of George Floyd’s death.

Worse To Come?

Even worse violence is expected in the coming days across the country, including in Georgia as well, as bodycam footage from the death of Tyre Nichols is set to be released today on Friday.

The 29-year-old black man was beaten to death by cops in Memphis, dying several days after his confrontation.

Pulled over under accusation of driving dangerously, Nichols’ death is claimed as accidental by the five officers being charged with murder and negligence.

Once that footage is released, protests are expected in Memphis and around the country and are sure to intensify Antifa’s anger at police in Atlanta and other areas.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.