California State Senators Push for Gun Owners to Purchase Insurance in New Bill

Based on a press release from Nancy Skinner, the legislation presented by Senators Catherine Blakespear and Nancy Skinner would be based on the gun insurance statute that took effect in the City of San José on January 1.

Gun Insurance Similar to Vehicle Insurance

The legislation will also be co-authored by state senator Anthony Portantino.

Skinner declared on Thursday that she’s proud to report that Senator Blakespear and herself are launching new legislation, SB8. This will demand California firearm owners purchase insurance for the careless or unintentional use of firearms.

The legislation would make California the first state to adopt such a law if it should be passed.

The proposed measure comes in response to a spate of large-scale shootings in the state. Similar legislation was offered by New York state lawmakers in 2021.

This bill is a sensible strategy to increase neighborhood safety. The costs of gun violence are currently borne by society as a whole and the victims of gun-related violence.

This must be altered. In that they are both widely used and incredibly unsafe situations, firearms are akin to automobiles.

The insurance plan will pay the victim if a car accidentally injures someone or damages their property. Gun-related injuries should be treated similarly, according to Senator Blakespear

“Gun violence victims and their loved ones experience severe economic, mental, and bodily harm, but virtually no recourse exists to obtain compensation for that damage.”

“Our society employs insurance as a means of compensating persons hurt by things like vehicle accidents, medical negligence, or subpar consumer goods. The burden is placed where it belongs, on the gun owner, by requiring liability coverage,” according to Senator Skinner.

Our nation loses more than $280 billion a year to gun violence. In contrast to victims and families, SB 8 will make sure that firearm owners bear their fair share of that cost.

A landowner’s, renter’s, or gun liability coverage that includes losses or damages resulting from unintentional use of the handgun, such as but not limited to fatality, injury, or damage to property, is required for gun owners under the proposed bill.

Additionally, owners of firearms will need to get proof of insurance, which must be kept alongside the weapon and made available to law authorities upon request.

Gun Owners to Pay Yearly Fee

Firearm owners in San José are required to get and retain liability insurance and pay a yearly gun harm minimization fee under the city’s Gun Harm Reduction Ordinance.

Sam Liccardo, mayor of San José City, said of the ordinance that although the Second Amendment safeguards the right to keep and bear arms, it does not mandate that taxpayers pay for gun ownership.

Gun violence won’t miraculously disappear, but we’re going to stop funding it. They continued by saying they could also better care for its casualties and prevent gun-related injuries and mortality through pragmatic measures.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.