Canadian Woman Attempted to Poison Trump and Other Officials

On Wednesday, a Canadian woman admitted to the crime of mailing ricin-laced warning letters to the White House and then-President Donald Trump.

Poisoned Letters to Trump

Before the mail was able to reach the White House in September 2020, the letter from Pascale Ferrier ordering Trump to give up and withdraw his application for the election was seized at a mail processing center.

The 55-year-old Quebec woman also pled guilty to intimidating Texas law enforcement in other letters she sent.

According to the conditions of her plea agreement with the prosecution, she will most likely receive a sentence of 262 months in jail or just slightly under 22 years. In April, there will be a sentencing hearing where we will hear the final verdict.

According to the U.S. attorney in Washington, Matthew Graves, political violence has no place in the United States; there is no justification for harming America’s public servants or intimidating public officials.

In a message to Trump wherein she made reference to him as the “The Ugly Tyrant Clown,” the woman continued by saying if this plan of hers didn’t work, she would just need to find a better formula for the next time she attempts to poison him.

She then stated she was also considering using her gun when she managed to show up in person. This statement was followed by the bizarre exclamation, “Enjoy! FREE REBEL SPIRIT!”

According to the prosecution, Ferrier made the potentially fatal poison known as ricin.

With a gun, a knife, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in her possession, she was detained as she attempted to cross a border in Buffalo, New York, according to the authorities.

A message requesting comment on the admission received no response from her attorneys right away. The research also uncovered eight letters sent to Texas officials from jails where Ferrier had been imprisoned in 2019.

Despite not being successful in poisoning their intended recipients, the messages nonetheless caused “anxiety and concern,” according to Alamdar Hamdani, the US attorney for Texas’ southern district.

Ferrier demonstrated a remarkable understanding of the legal process, as Friedrich took care to make sure she grasped the situation. She was dressed in short-sleeved orange prison attire, with her greying dark hair clipped close and pant legs tucked into white stockings.

The majority of Ferrier’s remarks were succinct, one-word responses to Friedrich’s inquiries, such as “yeah” and “I get it.” Though when the judge asked her to affirm the specifics of the plea agreement, she showed signs of lingering resentment.

Biological Weapons Used Against Republicans

In two different criminal prosecutions brought in Texas and Washington, Ferrier entered a plea of guilty to using biological weapons in violation of the law in an attempt to commit political violence.

Ferrier, who is a dual citizen of France and Canada, made her home in Canada.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.