China Cautions Biden Over Taiwan Statement

After President Biden said the US military would step in if the communist mainland attacked Taiwan, the Chinese government sent a warning to the Biden administration.

According to Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the relationship between China and Taiwan is “a strictly internal issue for China.”

He added, “On concerns touching on China’s core fundamental values of territorial integrity, China has no room for negotiation or concession.”

Resolve and Dedication

“No one should doubt the Chinese people’s firm resolve, strong will, and strong ability to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said.

Earlier, Biden said “yes” when asked if the U.S. would “militarily protect Taiwan” if China invaded.

Additionally, Biden argued China is “already canoodling with trouble right now by attempting to fly so close and with all the ploys they’re undertaking.”

This was in reference to the numerous incursions that Chinese military aircraft have made into Taiwan’s defense zone.

The United States’ “One China” policy means it recognizes, but does not acknowledge, China’s claim that Taiwan is the nation’s region.

This is in line with Taiwan, an island with 24 million people claiming to be independent.

Not long after the president’s comments, the administration put out a statement in which they said his comments do not mean the United States is changing its policy.

The White House issued a statement that said, “As Joe Biden has noted, our policy has not changed.”

“He reaffirmed our commitment to the One China Policy and our dedication to maintaining stability and peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.”

Also, he said, as the Taiwan Relations Act says, we will continue to give Taiwan the military tools it needs to protect itself.

Support From the U.S.

Earlier in the week, the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, made the following statement to the media: “We are worried about stability and peace across the Taiwan Strait and the ramping up of tensions.”

“We think that China is adding to the ramping up of those conflicts through provocative military efforts around Taiwan and around the strait. This is our view, which we have expressed many times.”

It would appear that the administration has been forced to do this more than once in response to comments made by President Joe Biden about supporting Taiwan, comments dating back to October 2021.

The Taiwan Relations Act serves as the guiding legislation for the United States’ defense engagement with Taiwan. The White House resumed its comments after the break.

“We will vigorously oppose any unilateral alterations to the status quo. We will continue to defend Taiwan’s right to self-defense and we will continue to keep our pledge that we made under the Act.”