Chris Pratt Speaks Out About Attacks on Him Because of Instagram Post

Chris Pratt was attacked last year for making a remark about his ‘healthy daughter’ with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Now, Chris Pratt is speaking out about getting pushback online.

Instagram Post

The 43-year-old Marvel actor commented on the social media hysteria that ensued after he lauded his partner, Katherine Schwarzenegger, on Instagram and noted their “healthy daughter.”

The actor was featured on the Men’s Health July/August cover. He spoke about how he is used to ignoring Twitter comments and attacks, but his son hasn’t been exposed to such yet. 

He said something about finding someone who looks at you the way his wife looks at him. Then, he joked a bit, ending the post by saying how much he loves her and alluding to their healthy daughter.

Afterward, a series of articles came out saying the post was cringe-worthy. Critics were attacking him for thanking his wife for their healthy daughter when his first child was born prematurely. They were suggesting he was trying to dig at his ex-wife.

After the negative backlash occurred, the movie star was worried about the lasting impact it would have on his son, Jack, 9.

He spoke about how messed up it was that his son would read such comments one day. He said his son is just nine and those horrible articles are settled in digital stone. Pratt said he was deeply bothered about it and it brought tears to his eyes.

Pratt shares his son with his ex, Anna Faris. “I was like, I despise that these gifts in my life [such as my career] are—to the people near to me—a genuine hindrance,” he continued.

Pratt and Faris wed in Bali in 2009 and welcomed Jack in 2012. The couple spoke about Jack’s early life in an appearance with GQ in 2014.

Their son was born at three pounds. They were told they needed to get ready to raise a special-needs child. Farsi said at first, it felt devastating, but it also felt like they could do it and love the child.

The Marvel star was married to Faris, 45, in 2009 and they got divorced in 2018. Faris is currently wed to Michael Barrett, a cinematographer. 

Chris and his new wife, Schwarzenegger, wed in June 2019 and now have two daughters. Lyla, who is now two, was born in August 2020, and Eloise was born in May.

Whilst he got backlash, Pratt got words of encouragement from his mother-in-law, Maria Shriver. She spoke about how good of a man he is and what a great father he is to Jack and Lyla.

Shriver mentioned how Pratt has been a wonderful husband to Katherine and a wonderful son-in-law to her. She went on to commend his sense of humor and communicate how proud she is of him.