Climate Summits Solve Global Warming, Especially When Biden is Present

Everyone should be sick of hearing about the climate meeting by now. Every few months, campaigners want a taxpayer-funded trip to another exotic global metropolis.

Joe Biden and other world leaders will meet again in Glasgow in two weeks to doom our existence and just about everything we’ve ever worked for. It’s “everything’s in peril if we don’t act quickly.”

Recall John Kerry? A war protester, he was elected lieutenant governor, senator, lost a presidential bid, and secretary of state. He quit his job to be Joe Biden’s climate envoy.

So, this last climate conference with no results is crucial for him. Kerry will spend the whole two weeks in Scotland for COP26, which isn’t rigorous duty.

If Summits Are So Important, Why Do We Have One Annually?

Glasgow is an industrial city. Kerry said this is the last chance to preserve the earth. After all the failed attempts in recent years, it’s only the next chance.

If this is the most significant Super Bowl ever, why is there another one the following year? Remember Earth Day in 1970 at the start of the end…and we’re still in danger.

Then, another climate conference will do nothing. That very first Earth Day was regarded as vital for humanity’s future. Luckily for us, the earth has been spinning at eight miles per second for five billion years, plus or minus 400 million.

However, as usual, John Kerry thinks he knows more than we do, such as how to break a leg riding a bike in France in 2015. Kerry stated recently the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow this month is the “last biggest chance” to save the 4.5 billion-year-old Earth from further catastrophic destruction.

No other climate conference has been able to achieve a costly consensus. The G20 representatives just ended their latest of what seems to be monthly meetings. Each elite meeting has a distinct host, like Canasta clubs, one in Rome, and not exactly strenuous work.

G20 Summits Might Just Be An Excuse For Group Photos

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping saved the planet by not flying there at 550 mph for a group picture like their school yearbook. Climate change activists claim the G20 economies produce three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The meeting attendees decided they must spend as much money as possible to save the planet because the end is near.

The developing countries wanted the wealthier nations to distribute billions of dollars faster to help rescue the earth, at least in their countries. However, the participants couldn’t agree on what to do, hence another failure.

Everyone agreed to stop shipping coal-fired power plants. They couldn’t agree on precise initiatives to save the planet made six years ago in Paris.

Trump abandoned this because the biggest emitters like China and India weren’t doing enough to fulfill the worldwide target of net-zero emissions by 2150.

The G20 summit in Rome lasted only two days. So, the elites re-boarded their jets and traveled 1,223 miles to Glasgow and enjoy two weeks ‘looking’ for something safe.

The fact that 85 gas-powered cars were in the Biden escort in Rome on Saturday says something. Biden has never worried about spending taxpayer money, as seen by the trillions printed this year.

His crew once racked up a $600,000 hotel bill in Paris and another $500,000 in London, years ago when he was vice president. Biden will certainly announce progress in taming nature to justify his attendance and all this pricey folderol.

Biden wouldn’t lie; thus, that won’t be verified. Fake details will also be forgotten. So, the media can get enthusiastic again in 2022 for the last chance to save the earth.