Comedian Tim Allen Sends Leftists Into a Full-Blown Hissy Fit

Tim Allen is a funny man. He’s made America laugh ever since his early days as a stand-up comedian and his role as Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor in the sitcom Home Improvement.

Part of the reason so many millions like Allen and find him funny is he speaks his mind and he’s clear about how he feels. He’s a simple guy, sure, but he’s not stupid.

In fact, Allen is a conservative. He loves America and he wants to keep good things, instead of letting them bleed away into socialism and leftist chaos.

Recently, Allen went on social media to make his feelings clear on Joe Biden; the left didn’t like it one bit.

What Did Tim Allen Say?

In the past, Allen has said being conservative in Hollywood is like being a minority in Nazi Germany. This drew a lot of anger from the left; it was perhaps a little over the top. Though that’s the point of speaking your mind and free speech: you say what you want.

Allen also acknowledged that he’s a Trump fan, which is definitely a brave thing to do in Hollywood these days, especially if you ever want to get cast again.

Recently, Allen doubled down on being the one guy among a few others (like libertarian Vince Vaughn or conservative Jon Voight) who’s not a liberal.

He tweeted out a joke about the interview Biden did recently on the show 60 Minutes. It was a disaster, as you would expect. Allen decided to weigh in on the debacle, tweeting that Biden was wondering “how long” the 60 Minutes program would last.

It’s a fairly harmless joke, really…

The Left Wasn’t Laughing

Some have called Allen a “Nazi” and a “Trumper” and all the usual insults you’d expect. They also did not like him tweeting out this joke, apparently believing noticing the obvious truth about Biden’s senility is somehow not permitted.

The 60 Minutes interview was a complete trainwreck. Biden contradicted his official positions many times, including mixing his messages on Taiwan and COVID.

He also threatened Putin “depending” on whether he uses chemical weapons or nukes in Ukraine and what happens from that.

Why use an armchair TV interview to threaten another leader when you could say it in person or in an official address? The whole thing just reeks of weakness and a lack of professionalism. Allen is a “traitor” for pointing that out?

Cope and Seethe

The people claiming to be so outraged by Allen are the same ones who issued all sorts of threats and lies about Trump every day and had it parroted on mainstream news.

His harmless joke is perfectly fine. It’s about time that comedians (right, left and everything in between) start saying any joke they want to say without fear.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.


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