Communist Students Resisting Against a Republican Senator

University students in Florida belonging to different socialist and communist groups protested against the nomination of Republican Senator Ben Sasse as the president of their university.

Sasse has been serving in the US Senate since 2015. He is likely to resign from his seat in December if he manages to get the new job of president.

Woke Students Went Against a Republican Senator

On October 6, the University of Florida announced GOP Senator Ben Sasse became the only contender for the election of the president of the university. 

Sasse was present at the University of Florida on October 10, where he interacted with different student forums, as well as faculty and staff members.

While the senator was speaking in the Emerson Alumni Hall of the university, various student groups gathered outside the university and protested against his nomination.

Some of the top groups included in the protests were UF College Democrats, UF Young Democratic Socialists of America, UF Communists, and UF Graduate Assistants United. 

Many students also expressed their concerns about Sasse’s nomination while speaking to Fox News. One student asserted that Sasse is a highly conservative individual who is against gay marriage and transgender people.

Likewise, Sasse is a threat to abortion and queer activists, adding he would make abortion even more difficult for the students of the university, the same student continued.

In addition to that, another student noted Sasse is a far-right individual, so he is not of good character.

Another student added Sasse has no experience in leading large educational institutions like the University of Florida, so his appointment makes no sense. Before serving as the senator, Sasse already worked as the president of Midland University for five years.

Furthermore, other students established Sasse’s views on climate change and abortion access are the most worrisome things for students.

Students Threatened Violence If Sasse is Nominated as President

Although the protest started outside the University of Florida, most of the protesters advanced and reached outside the hall where Sasse was addressing the crowd.

Another student claimed the long-standing values of their university are in danger if a conservative person like Sasse is appointed as the president of the university.

According to the student, he is worried about the marginalized communities of the universities, who will have to suffer the most under Sasse’s leadership.

Reportedly, students’ chants against Sasse were clearly audible inside the hall, as well.

Some students also insisted they would turn into “gators” if the university moves ahead with Sasse’s nomination. One student believed both Sasse and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were destroying education in Florida.

Once Sasse finished his speech and left the hall, all the protesters rushed into the room and occupied the stage where Sasse was speaking. The administrator of the event suggested protesters just wanted to make his life difficult.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.


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