Constitutional Amendment Put Forward by Vivek Ramaswamy to Raise Voting Age to 25

Vivek Ramaswamy, a GOP presidential contender, will propose raising the voting age to 25. Ramaswamy spoke to Fox News Digital on his tour bus in Iowa during the GOP presidential election.


According to the former CEO, he will propose an amendment to the Constitution that would increase the voting age from 18 to 25. That’s unless an individual serves in the military, is a first responder, or can pass the civics test immigrants must take to become citizens.

Ramaswamy stated he would propose the constitutional amendment at a last week Thursday night rally alongside Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Ramaswamy said he discussed this with Iowa youth. He said on Thursday, Gov. Kim Reynolds would be present and he believes it would be the best time to unveil one of his most ambitious campaign plans.

Ramaswamy believes the amendment will increase civic involvement and voter education in America.

The GOP candidate said his amendment would ultimately “supersede” the 26th Amendment’s 18-year voting age.

Ramaswamy mentioned the 26th Amendment was adopted in 1971. One of the justifications for that was if one is going to have an army draft, which brings 18-year-olds in, they subsequently should be given the right to vote.

Spending Limits

He told Fox News Digital the measure is fundamentally distinct from Jim Crow rules and there’s no room for funny play as you saw in the Jim Crow era.

Ramaswamy feels the amendment will make voting a right and a true privilege by linking real civic duty to it and encouraging younger Americans to vote.

He called his proposal an American vision for restoring responsibilities and pride in citizenship in the upcoming generation of Americans.

Just recently, Ramaswamy said he’s already invested eight figures on his 2024 White House bid and has “no limit” to his spending.

Forbes values Ramaswamy at $600 million. Ramaswamy hasn’t refuted previous claims that he is worth over half a billion dollars.