Controversy Over Schools’ Commemorating BLM’s “Week of Action”

Schools across the country marked the “Week of Action” for Black Lives Matter, causing parents to be angry.

“I’m very concerned the Black Lives Matter progressive movement has made its way into Webster Elementary’s Black History lessons,” a California dad wrote to school officials.

“This organization spreads anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic propaganda,” he said.

New Curriculums

According to the father, families in the school district received a notice informing them the local school district authorized commemorating “BLM Week of Action” for the second straight year. 

This notice also urged “schools and teachers” to adopt the organization’s contentious “13 guiding principles” for the second consecutive year.

As stated on the website “BLM at School,” “we are devoted to upsetting the Western-prescribed conventional family structure necessity by helping each other as large families and ‘villages’ that jointly care for each other, and particularly ‘our’ children.”

Black Lives Matter is “unquestionably” a racist political organization, argues the father of a California school district’s proposal to commemorate the week. “It is in direct conflict with many of our family beliefs,” he claims.

“We are not racists. We are Jewish. We are a Polish, Greek, Russian, and Spanish family,” he wrote to the SMMUSD school board.

“During World War II, both of our children’s great grandfathers battled Nazism. Persecution, pogroms, and the pontic slaughter were all in our family tree. We firmly back Israel.”

“BLM is unmistakably a racist political movement that directly opposes many of our core family values. I will not allow this group of pretenders to educate my child. I’m praying the information I’ve gotten is false.”

Guiding Principles; Making Five-Year-Olds Activists

Last Monday, schools from Washington to Massachusetts began teaching the “guiding principles” and an activist-based syllabus.

For example, “The Truth About Voting” curriculum in Dekalb County, Georgia teaches children “several frequent fallacies about voting today” and asks them to consider “who these beliefs could benefit.”

The district also sponsored a speaker accused of “domestic violence” last year. BLM opponents attacked schools that honored the week, calling it “divisive” and “anti-Christ.”

“I know it’s anti-Christ,” ex-NFL player Jack Brewer said last week.

“That’s awful,” Brewer remarked, “the ideology they’re teaching these kids right now. You’re going to speak about family destruction? You’ll promote family breakdown and go against all we Americans believe in.”

In a statement, Parents Defending Education Vice President of Research Asra Nomani argues five-year-olds should not be “educated as political activists.”

“Most sensible individuals believe public institutions should not be home to political agitation from either side of the political divide,” Nomani said in a statement.

“In a campaign dubbed ‘Black Lives Matter at School,’ kids as young as five are being taught to be part of a movement,” Nomani said.

“We are seeing state-sponsored political indoctrination utilizing coloring books and contests to promote next-age social justice activism,” she continued.