Corrupt Family in Chief Under FBI Investigation!

The Biden government’s reticence to discharge certain details, according to one prominent House Republican, suggests an effort to protect the Biden family from scrutiny.

The representative is requesting that Economic Advisor Janet Yellen release documents on Hunter Biden’s international business activities.

The Details

Rep. James Comer, the leading Republican on the House Committee on Accountability and Reform, requested information from Yellen in a letter dated July 6.

This was regarding what he believed to be “suspicious activity” on the part of the younger Biden, his acquaintances, and other Biden relatives. President Biden’s son, Hunter, is subject to an ongoing FBI probe into possible tax evasion.

Particularly during the time Biden served as vice president in the Obama administration, criticism has been building over his international business ties in nations including Ukraine, Russia, and China.

In order to assist U.S. government authorities in preventing money laundering, U.S. banks are required by the Bank Secrecy Act to automatically generate suspicious behavior reports or SARs.

They also have to identify cash transactions of over $10,000 per day. In a prior letter to Yellen in late May, Comer asked for the SAR findings of Hunter Biden, but got no response.

He cited a recent Treasury Department rule that permits congressional personnel to peruse such information in a Treasury reading room when accusing the Biden administration of limiting Congress’s access to SARs.

They are not permitted to make copies of the paperwork.

Refusing to Let Go

Comer stated in the letter that “Treasury is failing to share SARs linked with Hunter Biden or his family and affiliates the president,” despite Treasury’s claims that it “provides SARs to the Senate in a manner that allows vigorous scrutiny.”

He mentioned that Treasury officials informed conservative staff “they will not give SARs to  committee conservatives unless Democrats join the demand.”

That was in stark contrast to the Treasury Department’s declaration made soon after Comer’s original request.

In order to give the impression of transparency, the Biden government is willing to give the media a false tale, according to Comer, who added the administration is still resisting congressional oversight.

“The activities of the Treasury Department warrant examination. They raise further concerns regarding the extent to which Biden is using the federal government to provide protection for the Biden clan and its friends.”

The American people should have a right to know if the president’s ties to his son’s business dealings were done at the expense of American interests and whether they pose a risk to national security.

A dozen institutions, such as the Bank of China, Cathay Bank, and JP Morgan Chase, were contacted by Comer in May, but none of them responded.

The banks informed Comer’s office and Epoch Times they could not deliver the requested documents without a warrant.