Delaware Court Rules That Vote-By-Mail Is Unlawful, Republicans Celebrate

M. Jane Brady, chair of the Delaware Republican Party, rejected vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration on Friday.

Brady was ecstatic when he informed the 100 guests attending the Freedom Festival Banquet at the Rusty Rudder eatery of a decision made by the Delaware Supreme Court.

Laws Violated

The court ruled previously that day the state’s Constitution is violated by both Delaware’s same-day registration and vote-by-mail laws.

Governor John Carney of Delaware, a member of the Democrat Party, proclaimed a public health emergency after the COVID-19 epidemic started in 2020. The General Assembly passed legislation enabling mail-in voting.

Brady held positions as both a judge and the attorney general of Delaware.

Brady informed a reporter from the Epoch Times during the dinner “the Supreme Court determined vote-by-mail regulations enacted in June and signed by the governor in July are illegal under Delaware’s Constitution.”

Brady stated Delaware currently allows absentee votes, but had not previously allowed universal vote-by-mail. An absentee ballot can be requested if a person is unable to cast their ballot at their allocated polling place, due to military duty, illness, an accident, or travel.

Brady argued people could not simply refuse to cast a ballot and request a ballot be mailed to them. Brady praised the Supreme Court of Delaware and then urged people to cast ballots on November 8th.

“Each of us ought to be in those voting booths if we care about our children, schooling, inflation, gas prices, national defense, and alternative energy.”

The Republican candidate for Delaware’s sole House of Representatives seat, Lee Murphy, expressed satisfaction with the court’s ruling.

Election-Day Registration Unlawful

The Supreme Court’s decision to prohibit mail-in ballots and election-day registration is “the big announcement tonight in Delaware,” according to Murphy. This will effectively equalize the odds for all contenders in the state.

“The court is cognizant of the Constitution, the Delaware Constitution, and everyone in attendance tonight, particularly me as a congressional candidate. We are overjoyed that we made what we believe to be the best choice possible.”

Murphy related a personal election tale involving mail-in ballots. In the 2020 election, he ran for Congress, but was defeated by Democratic incumbent Lisa Blunt Rochester.

“It’s crucial since mail-in ballots were available in 2020, as you are aware. In 2020, I ran. I’m happy to report on Election Day, I won the machine votes,” he stated. “However, we misplaced the 2020 mail-in votes.”

Murphy expressed his happiness that voters will once more be allowed to cast their ballots in person or via absentee ballot.

The news thrilled several of the guests. A representative for the 37th District Ruth Briggs King stated, “We’re rejoicing in Delaware today over the finding of our Supreme Court that some of the measures they tried to pass this year were unlawful.”This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.