Democrat Mayor: Trump Had Borders Under Control, Unlike Biden

You can imagine how bad the border situation is if a Democrat mayor can admit former President Trump’s administration had the border in check. The Democrat mayor of Laredo, Texas (Pete Saenz) bemoaned the border problems in an interview.

He said Trump’s immigration policies yielded positive result in contrast to Biden’s. Saenz noted that Biden’s lackadaisical approach made the US southern border situation spiral out of control.

Mayor Pete Saenz confirmed the border needs to be truly secured. He told the Washington Free Beacon regardless of what anybody says, it was truly working under Trump.

He lamented the border isn’t secure and the problem has been going on for too long. Saenz further added the situation needs to be under control because he hasn’t seen any steps from Washington to rectify it.

In addition, Saenz noted his city’s public services need relief from the federal government; public services are being overwhelmed with providing medical services, humanitarian aid, and transportation for the thousands of migrants entering the city.

Sleepy Joe Needs to Wake Up and Follow Trump’s Border Policies

The Democrat mayor said some of Trump’s policies yielded massive results. One of such policies is “Remain in Mexico” that mandated asylum seekers to stay in Mexico, pending the hearings on their request for a stay in the US.

Even with this policy yielding beneficial results, the clueless Biden administration is looking to terminate it after a federal court in Texas ruled its previous memorandum on ending it is illegal.

Mayor Saenz expressed his displeasure over this. He said the key is to remove the enticement of coming to the border and filing for asylum. Saenz told the Free Beacon he believes in the asylum process and it needs to be followed or changed.

Asylum seekers will always jump at the opportunity to come to the border to file for asylum. What then happens when they are denied? They become fugitives because it is impossible to grant everybody at the border asylum.

Why should Biden want to stop a policy that ensures there are less migrants at our border? This is a question that begs for an answer.

The Wall Needs to Be Built

Saenz also echoed Trump’s cry for a wall at the border. He said there needs to be a wall at the border, either virtually or physically. The mayor noted the wall would deter these migrants from coming over.

The truth is this: unless Biden implements a solid virtual wall, Americans living close to the border will have no choice but to beg for a physical wall. Until Biden takes decisive measures to stop the unending influx of migrants coming to the southern border, the problems will continue to fester.

With billions of dollars spent on alternative means while immigration is neglected, Border Patrol is becoming overwhelmed. Their workload has tripled; yet, they’ve received no funding. Biden needs to face the important things, like making decisive immigration policies and adequately funding Border Patrol.