Democrat Party Has Become Intolerable For Its Members

Voters have been defecting from the Democrat Party for years, but their motivations now seem more pressing.

Democratic Voters Leaving the Party

According to former liberal Democrat Brandon Straka, who founded #WalkAway, people are leaving the Democrat Party in droves as they realize it doesn’t serve their needs or America’s best interests.

In 2018, Straka created #WalkAway after going public with his decision to stop attending the party and urging others to do the same.

Since then, a large number of departing Democrats posted videos on social media expressing their decision to #WalkAway, providing Straka with insight into these voters’ thoughts.

People were only starting to notice differences in the party at that point, he claimed. Even if they couldn’t always explain what it meant, people understood they didn’t like the way it made them feel, so they quietly departed.

Now, it resembles cancer. This cancer is currently growing and spreading quickly. For a lot of folks, it’s moving toward becoming intolerable, rather than just uncomfortable.

Voters Have Fears

Straka claims voters’ concerns have given way to fears and worries.

According to Straka, things have gotten more severe under Biden. People are worried about the extent of overreach in the government, the DOJ, and the FBI, which is a lot of what Tulsi Gabbard discussed.

In a clip this week, Gabbard, a former Hawaii-based representative, explains why she decided to leave the Democrat Party.

Gabbard discussed the practices that resulted in the release of violent offenders from jail and rising crime rates.

Is it surprising the number of firearms purchased for self-defense increased dramatically in recent years? The IRS was utilized to target conservative groups during the Obama administration, according to Gabbard.

The reasons for people leaving the Democrat Party are now more concerning than they were in 2018. The situation has not improved, according to Straka.

“People should be genuinely terrified. I’m living proof that while you’re at home taking care of your own affairs, the FBI could break down your door and arrest you.”

According to Straka, he was slated to give a speech at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This plan didn’t work out so well when he was targeted by FBI officials. Per Straka’s account, the FBI went after him, arrested him, and put him through all sorts of trouble. Eventually, this spiraled into lengthy and costly legal issues.

At this point, it’s undeniable that Straka feels targeted because of his political viewpoints and open expression of them.

His case carried on for a year before he accepted a settlement to admit guilt to reckless endangerment misdemeanor in connection with the January 6 events.

Straka is now a Republican, but people do not automatically turn Republican after leaving the Democrat Party.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.