Democrat Slotkin Loses It Over Questions About Her Residing in Lobbyist’s Home

On Sunday, WDIV-TV broadcasted a discussion involving Rep. Slotkin and state Senator Tom Barrett, a Republican challenger.

The question-and-answer anchor managed to bring up an earlier report that confirmed Slotkin relocated into a home purchased by Jerry Hollister, a top executive at a Lansing-based business.

The business got millions in federal money and had given money to Slotkin’s campaign.

Hollister Registered to Vote at Same Address

According to Hollister’s profile on LinkedIn, he is responsible for “building congressional partnerships” at the Lansing-based business.

When questioned, Slotkin exploded in an attempt to justify herself, stating the criticism of her was motivated by “political desperation” because she insisted on paying fair market value.

There was an excess of 1,500 available residences in Lansing, Michigan, but Slotkin resides in the one purchased by the executive who contributes to her campaign. That’s according to Barrett, who also took the opportunity to criticize Democrats.

The Transcript

Rep. Elissa Slotkin: Sincerity be damned, this embodies political desperation. I pay fair market rent. I presented my contract. He has an apartment that he rents out. He is my landlord. I believe what really drove me was Tom Barrett’s implication that I am cohabitating with him.

Just say it, dude, if you think I’m sharing a home with a man who isn’t my spouse! Just come out, you know? However, I believe there is a drive here that goes beyond what is typical.

I don’t dispute the notion he works in government affairs in the slightest. Although he works for a Michigan manufacturing company, the notion that there is something wrong with me is absurd.

If I wasn’t making payments, that would be another thing, but I am paying fair market rent.

Sen. Tom Barrett of Michigan: I’ll say, take a glance at this notion that someone is residing with the lobbyist when, as of right now, there are 1,513 units available in Lansing, Michigan.

Anchor: Do you really believe she is residing with a lobbyist?

Slotkin: For implying I am cohabitating with some other man, my spouse and myself would like to speak with you regarding that.

Barrett: According to her, she resides in a lobbyist’s home, where he also happens to be a registered voter. Although I am unsure of the specifics of that agreement, I believe it is wrong for a member of Congress to dwell in a lobbyist’s home where they are both registered voters.

Slotkin: This is Political Desperation

The Democrat tried to criticize Barrett for enlisting with the Army, calling this particular attack on her “political desperation” previously this year.

Slotkin claimed her Republican adversary made the hypocritical photo go “viral,” but he was clearly at training when she shared a selfie without a mask, whereas everyone else was wearing one.

Furthermore, a June internal survey revealed Barrett to be ahead of Slotkin. With 10.3 percent of voters still indecisive, Barrett has a 46.1 to 44.6 percent lead over the incumbent.

Despite having nearly 100% name recognition, the survey found Slotkin is only receiving around 50% of the vote, the lowest percentage since she won the position in 2018.

On November 8, the two will compete in the midterm elections.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.